Ethiopia Qemnat Amahra – UNSC meeting on Tigray Ethiopia

Ethiopia Qemnat Amahra – UNSC meeting on Tigray Ethiopia

TDF – Gondar – Chifra – Teru – ENDF Soldiers

Tigray Eritrea: A Major Development

Northern Ethiopia ‘the war is going on from their side’ and the situation is getting worse.
South Gonder and North Gonder are fighting the strongest wars in the south of Wollo and it is not cooperating, both sides are claiming victory.
Last night a strong bullet was heard in Gonder town, it was strong ‘ Ogadenia media that had a relationship with sources in Gonder, they told them that they opened bullets in Fano ‘ celebrated the new government that was built in Ethiopia ‘ and the good impact they have made from Gonder. Found ‘Where’ others say those bullets died near the shooting scene.
There is a heavy war going on in Canfar region. We will share the news about Canfar war soon if God says.
Nj nj.. n Ogaadenia media Addis Ababa


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