Ethiopia: President of Oromia regional state, Shimelis Abdisa

Ethiopia: President of Oromia regional state, Shimelis Abdisa

I think the opposition can work with this two. They are graduates of political science and they know that there is losing and winning in democracy, I think they believe in campaigning than indoctrination; and they are not as dogmatic as their ”revolutionary democrat” fathers.

Biyya Oromiyaa

#Ethiopia: President of #Oromia regional state, Shimelis Abdisa & #ODPsecretariat Addisu Arega as well as other high level officials including DR Girma Amente, are in #Dembidolo, the capital of #KelamWellega zone, in western Oromia, holding a town hall meeting with communities.

This is a debut appearance for Shimelis & Addisu in their new post

Currently, ‘Oromara’ is nothing but a way to defuse tension between ODP and ADP and a very selfish tactic mainly on the part of ODP to use the people to cling to power.

Dr. Ambachew going to Ambo, really? SMH.

Why are we still in ‘Oromara’ mood anyway? The government believes the country is still in crisis? ‘Oromara’ is like rival parties (Democrats and Conservatives or Labour and Tory) making alliance. It never happens except during national disaster such as war. The entire idea of ‘Oromara’ after TPLF fled to Mekelle is a joke. No point in it.

This is clearly an ‘ODP-ADP ‘ love fest than ‘Oromara’ social movement. Some in ODP and even ADP believe that they can form government using ‘Oromara’ mantra come next year in election. I think that is absolutely highly unlikely.

I believe there is enough understanding that Peace, Democracy and Freedom must be protected at any cost and not only ‘Oromara’ but also all other nation and nationalities will rally to protect these values. The understanding ends there. ‘Oromara’ for election would not work. Even ADP and ODP can’t agree on anything if pressed.

ODP is done in Oromia, They have no chance after this! People are awake, even ODP members no longer believe them. Abiy played a bad game on Caffee and ODP GG by approving Shimelis without their consent. The party is already divide into two or three group. They just waiting for a day..

I know this page is propaganda page but if this is true the government is effectively reverting Derg era proclamation that took over all buildings and properties of criminal land lords including religious organizations. Trust me, yesterday’s land lords now will demand to get back their 1000s of acres of land. Well, why not if government only cares about private properties, and EOTC can get its property back, the any land lord should be able to get their land back.

በአዲስ አበባ አራት ኪሎ አካባቢ ከዳግማዊ ሚኒሊክ ትምህርት ቤት ፊት ለፊት የሚገኙት መንታ ህንፃዎች ለኢትዮጵያ ኦርቶዶክስ ተዋህዶ ቤተክርስቲያን ተመለሱ፡፡ ውሳኔውን ያስተላለፈው የጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር ፅህፈት ቤት መሆኑን ከምንጮቻችን ሰምተናል፡፡ በህንፃው ውስጥ የሚኖሩት በአብዛኛው የመንግስት ባለስልጣናት ሲሆኑ የሚከፍሉት ኪራይም እጅግ ዝቅተኛ ነበር፡፡ የጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር ፅ/ቤት ውሳኔውን ባሳወቀበት ደብዳቤ ቤተክርስቲያኗ በነዋሪዎቹ ላይ ‹‹መጠነኛ›› የኪራይ ዋጋ እንድትጨምርም አሳስቧል፡፡


ODP and ADP calculation: ‘We are losing ground in our respective states, we have to stop the friction among ourselves on the issue of ”Addis Ababa” and get back to ‘Oromara’ mantra to get more support to ensure our future’. This is the only reason why they are relaunching ‘Oromara’, it is just a campaign platform for them, nothing more.

Dear Prezo Lamma Magarsa: As I feel that the fattened political capital you accrued in Oromia would only be highly devalued, if not decimated, as you move to join the fed cabinet, I still remain contemplating to make sense of the mess in my own way 😞

Girma Gutema

Taayyeen maal jedhaa?

Ethiopia: “ጀዋር መሐመድ ፈሪ ነው” – ታዬ ደንደአ | Taye Dendea | Jawar Mohammed | Bole Times Newspaper

Anoo Har,an Arge Walge,ii Mootummaadhaa kan Qawwee faana taa,amu.W/L Dambidoollootti. I/A Pre MNO obb Shimallis Abdiisaa Aangoo Haarayaan waan haaraya eegalee jira!

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  1. “Dr. Ambachew going to Ambo, really? SMH.”

    በመጀመሪያ የነፍጠኞች ኢትዮዽያ ማለት ለኦሮሞ ጭቁን ህዝብ ምን ማለት ነው????

    መልሱ በግልፅ ያለው አበሲኒያ እንዴት፣ ከወዴት ና መቼ ወደ ኢትዮዽያ የተለወጥችበት ሁኔታ ውስጥ ነው።
    በግልጥ ቋንቋ የነፍጠኞች ኢትዮዽያ ማለት የመሬት ቅርምት ና የመሬት ዝርፊያ ማለት ነው።።።

    በመቀጠል ደግሞ የኢትዮጵያን ኢምፓየርን ከ፩፶ ዓመታት በላይ ሲበጠብጡ፣ ሲዘርፉና ሲያናውጡ የነበሩና አሁንም በመቀጠል ያሉት የምዕራብ አበሲኒያ ነውጠኞች ናቸው።

    ታዲያ ከታሪካዊ ባህሪያቸው የተነሣ ምዕራብ አበሲኒያ ከሰሜን አበሲኒያ ማለትም ከኤርትራ ና ከምሥራቅ አበሲኒያ ወይንም ከትግራይ ሪፖብልግ ጋር አብሮ መኖር በፉጹም የተሳናችው በእንዴት ና በምን ዓይነት ሥሌት ከስላማዊ ኦሮሚያ ጋር በሰላም ይኖራሉ ተብሎ ይታሰባል??
    ሰሜን ና ምሥራቅ አበሲኒያ እንዴት ከምዕራብ አበሲኒያ ነፍጥ አንጋቢ ነፍጠኞች ነፃ ሊወጡ ቻሉ??

    የምዕራብ አበሲኒያ ነፍጥ አንጋቢ ነፍጠኞች ኮቴ የረገጠበት ቦታ ሁሉ በነውጥ ስለሚበጠበጥ ተገንዝበዉ፤ ሠላም ወዳድ ሰሜን ና ምሥራቅ አበሲኒያ በተባበረ ክንድ በአንድነት ታግለው በክፍተኛ መሥዋትነት ነጻ አገር ስላስረከቡ ነው።

    የሰሜን ና ምሥራቅ አበሲኒያ አኩሪ የታሪክ ምሥክርነት እያለ በምን ታዕምራዊ የመንፈስ ቅዥት ስሌት ነው የኦሮሚያ ቀዳሚ ፕሬዝዳንት ራስ አብዮት ዘ-በታኙ የዶክተር አብይን የመደመር ስሌት በመጠቀም በተፈጥሮ በአንድ ላይ በጭራሽ የማይደመረውን ውሃ ና ዜይትን በአንቦ ለመደመር የሚቃዠው።
    በሌላ በኩል ራስ አብዮት ዘ-በታኙ የፊንፊኔን ውሃን ዘረፋን እያጧጧፈ ነው።

    ባጠቃላይ ውጤቱ ግልፅ ና ግልጥ ነው።
    ፈደራሊስት ሲደመር ፀረ-ፈደራልዝም የድምር ውጤቱ አልቦ ዜሮ ነው።።

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