Ethiopia and OLF rebels ‘sign pact to end hostilities’

Ethiopia and OLF rebels ‘sign pact to end hostilities’

“This day of August 7, 2018 goes down in history as one of the most important days for the Oromo struggle on route to self-determination. For me it is the most significant day of my political life which I started as a high school teenager. My political activism has been wrangled by my dedication to academia, as my profession also often clashed with my activism. Nonetheless, it is a balance of tries that culminated to this day, and I would have changed nothing of my past to compromise my feeling of this day. It is a feeling that rests on the thousands of the WBO (OLF fighters) I saw in the Eritrean deserts, the camp singers, the commando boys I saw rolling on the rocky hills, the nurses who cut and paste skins better than I do with papers, etc. I cherish their image returning and walking freely in their own country to see the fruits of 45 years of relentless struggle. The tortured geniuses in Maikelawi, the poured bloods on the hill-sides of Bale, bullet-ridden bodies in the bushes of Moyale, etc. can now lead us home, going home that many of us take for granted. The framework has been laid down for a formidable future by the sacrifice that deserves a statue – at a known corner of Finfinne someday. Alas, we can now argue and debate peacefully, commit to protecting not only ours, but all the others of Ethiopia.

The gun has been made irrelevant by the liberated minds of the young a.k.a. Qerro. This power that liberated the minds of Qerro should continue showing humility, offer confidence to all residents in Oromia, welcome them just like this, once strange country of USA welcomed and sheltered us. Years of negative propaganda that divided and conquered us has embedded hate among the population of Ethiopia, portraying the Oromo struggle as a wrong wish, and the OLF as a negative force that wants to dismantle the country. It is hard to remove such belief built by years of hate propaganda. Dismantling this mistrust is our first homework. Let us embrace all peoples of Ethiopia, show those who hold an olive branch will receive multiple branches in return. Oromos fought for equality, demanding rights and respect for their culture. They understand the bitter taste of losing their freedom. We will never participate in – or stand by, and observe any abuse. This is our new motto. The same Oromos who refused to take revenge against the mass deportation of Oromos from the Ogaden recently will guard my confidence, that we are a big nation, we are above collective criminality, we are men and women of safu. So, lead me to the promised land of peace and prosperity.
Nagaan” Asfaw Beyene

Message from Maanso Peace Centre (MPC)
“On 7th August 2018.The governor of Bari region of Puntland state of Somalia said that the dialogue meeting will continue and humanitarian agencies are also expected to involve, but warned in act of violence against Oromos will be seen as act against the security of the Bossaso district and the government will respond tightly, the governor also
stated that the government has taken full responsibility to cover the medical cost and care for Ethiopian Oromo man who was recently beaten
by angry young men who belong to Somali Ethiopian in Bossaso and the local municipality will cover all costs.

the governor has stressed the importance of living together peacefully among diverse communities and he said this is what has made Bossaso to
be called the city of the poor, and assured that as administration, they will not tolerate any violence against specific group and conflict in Ethiopian between Somali Ethiopian and Oromos has nothing
to do here in Bossaso where both communities are welcomed and lived together as brotherhood with their neighbors.

All the chairpersons of the Bossaso’s 16 districts were asked to protect the Oromo population living in their constituency and report to the police and act. The meeting was concluded by all parts
committing to peace and refrain any kind of violence.

We will follow up the meeting action point to make sure all communities live together in peaceful manner.”