Ethiopia NewsAlert: Calls of distress from Konso Zone in SNNPRS

#Ethiopia #NewsAlert: Calls of distress from #Konso Zone in #SNNPRS
#AddisStandard is receiving calls from residents in distress in Konso Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s regional state (SNNPRS). There have been several attacks over the weekend in Megala and Digaya kebelle, in Gato Kebelle, in Garcha Kebelle, as well as in Turo village of Aylotta Dokatu Kebelle of Konso zone.
According to the residents reaching out to Addis Standard, armed groups are using the security vacuum in the area to attack members of the Konso community since last weekend after federal forces were withdrawn from the area. Many of the victims are feared dead. We have also received several pictures of victims and burned villages that need to be verified.
According to one resident of the area regional and federal security forces were overrun by heavily armed groups and were forced to seek protection in the Gumayde wereda administration compound.
Along with Dirashe, Amaro, and Burji, the Konso zone was part of the Segen Area People’s Zone since 2011. However after nearly four years of protest which started in 2014, Konso zone was split from Segen Area People’s Zone in November 2018. There have been intermittent violence since then attributed largely to armed groups who opposed the decision.
Addis Standard’s attempts to speak with regional and zonal security and administrative officials were to no avail as of yet.