#Ethiopia: Members of the diplomatic community were briefed today

#Ethiopia: Members of the diplomatic community were briefed today on the decision made regarding Tigray region by House of Federation (HoF), EBC reported.
The diplomatic community was informed that the Federal government had severed ties with the Tigray Regional Council and the higher executive branch following the decision of the House of Federation.
Worku Adamu, Secretary of the Standing Committee on Constitutional Interpretation and Identity, and Dr. Bikila Hurisa, Head of Public and International Relations at the Center for Democracy Building were heading the briefing session, according to reports received from EBC.
The event was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ambassadors and consular officials of various countries stationed in Addis Abeba took part in the event.



Addis Abeba, October 12/2020 – Twelve civilians were killed in Mandura Wereda of Metekel Zone, Benishangul Gumuz Regional State, yesterday, October 11, 2pm in the evening. According to the region’s Peace Building and Security Bureau Head, Gashu Duggaz, civilians were caught in a crossfire that erupted between individuals in Duhanzbaguna Kebele.

Gashu Duggaz, Benishangul Gumuz Regional State Peace Building and Security Bureau Head. (Picture: Metekel Zone Government Communications Office)

The conflict arose as a result of three people who allegedly stole a firearm from an individual, according to reports from Metekel Zone Communications Office. The Head of Peace Building and Security, Gashu Dugaz attributes the attacks to “the family of the man who was robbed of his weapon who in a revenge attack shot and killed civilians”. He also stated that the culprits were brought to justice and the federal and regional forces are working to capture the remaining culprits. The 3 men who allegedly robbed the firearms have fled the scene and are still on the loose. “Although the conflict took place between individuals, an investigation is underway to determine whether there are other forces behind the incident”, he said. He also acknowledged that there have been frequent clashes in the region, but “Yesterday’s killing was not based on ethnicity” he emphasized. He urged the public to remain calm and carry out their daily activities while security forces are working to stabilize the region. It can be recalled that on September 24, more than 20 civilians were killed by “unknown assailants” in Bengez Kebele, Dangur Wereda of the Benishangul Gumuz. Consequently, five weredas came under command post and on September 28, Benishangul Gumuz Prosperity Party has sacked 45 officials from their post due to their “inability” to fulfill their duties and 10 were charged for alleged involvement in the recent security problems. AS