Ethiopia: Manni Murtii Lidataa jeequmsarra jira.Galmee nama 38 kan qabu dhimma gubiinsa mana hidhaa qilinxootin

Ethiopia: Manni Murtii Lidataa jeequmsarra jira.

Galmee nama 38 kan qabu dhimma gubiinsa mana hidhaa qilinxootin himataman guyyaa har’aa beellamaaf dhaddacha 4ffaatti dhihaatanii;akkuma himannaan isaanii dubbifameen hidhamtoonni himanni kun nun ilaallatu jechuun abbootii Murtii teessoon darbachuun ari’an. Sana booda dhaddachi jeeqamee maatii hidhamtootaa keessaa namni lama gamoo irraa kufuun miidhamni jabaan gaheera. Maatii dhoksuunis hidhamtoota fuudhanii bahan.

Massii Sanyii Fayisa Lelisaa

It has been widely reported that PM Abiy Amhed has recently made deals with the governments of Sudan, Djibouti and Kenya to have Ethiopians incarcerated in the jails of these neighboring countries freed. The PM’s humanitarian efforts are quite commendable. But the country where tens of thousands of Ethiopians have been unjustly jailed and abused at the hands of torturers is not a far away country. It is Ethiopia under the boots of the TPLF.
As a matter of priority, the Prime Minister, if at all he has any real power, must open all the gates of the hellish jails in Ethiopia where our brothers and sisters have been dehumanized, mistreated and tortured.
As the saying goes, Charity starts at home. The PM should come back home and settle down to make critical decisions such as releasing all political prisoners and lifting TPLF’s state of emergency. Otherwise, all the appreciable efforts the PM has made will be overshadowed by doubts and suspicions. Ethiopia itself is one giant prison that needs to be freed from the tentacles of the TPLF and its regional enablers.

#ችሎት ፊት በታጠቁ የቂሊንጦ ወታደሮች በተቀባበለው መሳርያ ከተሸበሩት ታዳሚያን የተወሰደ።(ዛሬ ከቂሊንጦ እሳት ጋር በተያያዘ በተከሰሱ 38 ሰዎች ላይ ችሎቱ ብይን ሲሰጥ ተከሳሾች ተቃውሞ በማሰማታቸውና ችሎቱ ስለተበጠበጥ ፖሊስ እያደረገ ከነበረው የማሸማቀቅ ተግባር።)