Ethiopia Dramatically Issued: No Food for Displaced People

Ethiopia Dramatically Issued: No Food for Displaced People


Addis Ababa, June 12 (Prensa Latina) It will be impossible to feed nearly eight million refugees in our nation by the end of this month, the Ethiopian government warned in a dramatic exhortation to the world.
The claim was endorsed by UN agencies and humanitarian aid organizations, which warned that the flow of displaced people from the drought hitting the Horn of Africa years ago could increase to nearly 10 million by July, leading the crisis to paroxysm.

Somalia, Ethiopia itself and Kenya are currently experiencing a fierce rainfall due to the Indian Ocean Dipole phenomenon, which has forced the exodus to millions of people, whose arrival has diminished the possibilities of reception from several bordering nations.

Armed conflicts over power, as in the case of South Sudan, ethnic groups, and the actions of Islamist armed groups in Mali, Niger, Nigeria and other States, as well as the war in Yemen, are another cause of the displacement of millions of people.

Official statistics estimated $ 930 million USD per month, the amount Ethiopia receives to meet the commodities for refugees.

In 2015, Ethiopia allocated $ 272 million USD from its budget and $109 million to meet the needs of the displaced people, but this year it will not be able to afford it, according to Mitiku Kassa, director of the National Commission for Disaster Management.

We are in a baneful situation, the UN World Food Programme Representative for Ethiopia John Aylieff stressed after a visit to the Warder region (southwest), and admitted that the food aid can ‘abruptly cease by the end of June. ‘