Ethiopia is in 2012 While the World is in 2019!

Ethiopia is in 2012 While the World is in 2019!

Having a unique calendar which is seven to eight years behind the rest of the world, large celebrations are being held across the country to mark the New Year. Ethiopia uses the Coptic Calendar, which puts it years behind the rest of the world. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and President Sahle-Work Zewde, had a New Year Eve celebration Wednesday evening at the National Palace.

Even though the celebration highlighted the need for peace and national unity for a prosperous Ethiopia, problems were noted regarding the event. Regretfully, Many Dignitaries who MUST HAVE BEEN There WERE NOT invited. The program DISGRACED Pioneers of the Revolution, the Qeerroos/Qarrees, Oromo Youth, and was INSENSITIVE to the Diverse Cultures in the country.

It’s quite Grievous to learn that such incidents took place in the presence of Ethiopia’s Head of Government & the Head of State.The organizers of the program as well as the Ethiopian government have to apologize for the inadequacies witnessed in the event
Desalegn Bekele Merga 

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