Top Kenyan lawyers berate Ethiopia govt over looming implosion

Top Kenyan lawyers berate Ethiopia govt over looming implosion

Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban(africanews) —- Two top lawyers in Kenya have slammed the Ethiopian government for presiding over a chaotic governance structure that is sure to implode before long.

Donald Kipkorir of KTK Advocates in a tweet on Monday described the Ethiopian regime as the continent’s “successful benevolent dictatorship” which in his view was imploding. He criticized how a minority ethnic group had locked out the majority with a tight grip on power.

“Ethiopia on its way to be Africa’s most successful benevolent dictatorship is imploding … Its govt concentrated power on Tigray people that form only 6% of the population & locked out Oromo & Amhara that is 62%. Benevolent dictatorship wholly abjures tribalism, nepotism & corruption,” his tweet read.

For his part, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, a lawyer who represented President Kenyatta in the 2017 election petition averred that Ethiopia’s survival was in question adding, “democratisation / openness is the only way out.”

Ethiopia’s government announced political reforms in January this year which move resulted in the mass release of prisonsers at the federal and regional state levels.

But in a shock move Premier Hailemariam Desalegn resigned his post last Thursday and the government subsequently imposed a state of emergency (SOE) with the reason that they needed to curb spreading violence.

Ethiopia’s political and security headaches are seen as a danger to the wider Horn of Africa region which already has a civil war raging in South Sudan and an insurgency in Somalia thanks to Al Shabaab. Diplomatic tensions are also high between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

The SOE decision has been criticized by the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union as eroding the goodwill that resulted from the announced reforms and prisoner releases. The African Union which is based in Addis Ababa is yet to comment on the development.


  1. Well done top Kenyan lawyers….suddenly you discovered that TPLF apartheid minority brutal western darling favored regime in FINNFINNE ( ADIS ) on dying bed so rounded by angry long oppressed peoples in fake Abyssinia….?
    You know what …… ? That’s what inspired your own apartheid kukuuye regime as well…!
    If 6% Tigre wayane settelers can hold power with the help of western colonialists and their Maney laundering multinational corporations……why not 20% kukuuye can’t do it….?
    And play the only available game….which is to be active partner for massacring Muslim populations ( western proxy never ends wars ) in East Africa and exploite their resources like Oromia , and Somalis marines resources ….

    Nb: problem is …western colonialists attitude which always sides with oppression and apartheid minority regimes like 6% tigers, 20% kukuuye or Saudi Arabia apartheid regime , Zionist Israel an so on…

  2. The determination and success of Oromia qeerroo heroes is what causes to panic 6% TPLF apartheid regime in FINNFINNE and their backers…
    They( qeerroo ) have the strength , strategy and suitable environment to liberate and get back all looted land / resources from TPLF apartheid minority settelers…..

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