Ethiopia failed coup: Fifth death, national mourning, mastermind killed

Ethiopia failed coup: Fifth death, national mourning, mastermind killed

(africanews)—Attorney General of Ethiopia’s Amhara region has succumbed to injuries sustained after an attack that led to the death of the region’s president over the weekend.

Migbara Kebede becomes the fifth casualty of the coup attempt in Bahir Dar, the regional capital. The BBC also reports that the mastermind of the attack, Asaminew Tsige, had been shot dead by police, on Monday.

The death of Ambachew Mekonnen and Ezez Wasie – the regional president and his advisor respectively was confirmed by the government on Sunday.

Over in the capital Addis Ababa, Army Chief Seare Mekonnen and another retired officer (Maj. Gen. Gezai Abera) who were reportedly working to thwart the overthrow of the Amhara regional government were shot and killed by the army chief’s bodyguard.

Day of national mourning

Flags are flying at half mast across the country in honour of the officers who were lost in the events of Saturday.

Reports indicate that state broadcasters are running condolence messages whiles religious leaders have continued to urge for calm.

“A national committee has been formed to organize military honours for General Seare Mekonnen and retired Major General Gezai Abera. The committee will update and provide information as needed,” Abiy’s office said.

It also said the Amhara region will deal with funeral preparations for the deceased officials.

Regional and global reactions

The United Nations has called for restraint even though the African Union, AU, based in Addis Ababa; has yet to issue a statement on the developments.

Regional neighbours have, however, reacted amongst others, Eritrea and Somalia in the Horn of Africa. Turkey and Qatar on Monday issued strongly worded condemnations.

Eritrea and Somalia reacted via tweets with the former sending condolences whiles the latter added a condemnation of the action and solidarity with the people of Ethiopia.

“The Government of Eritrea has conveyed its message of condolence to the Government & people of Ethiopia on the killing, in a failed coup attempt, of the President Amhara Regional Government, his advisor, Chief of Staff of Ethiopia’s National Defense Forces and Maj. Gen.(Rt) Gezai,” the message from Asmara read.

Internet remains blocked
Internet rights group, NetBlocks, reported that service had been cut ostensibly in connection with the incidents in Bahir Dar and Addis Ababa.

Authorities have usually cut off the internet several times in the past for security reasons. The most recent eight-day cut was because of an annual national examination. The government and telecom provider never confirmed if that was the real reason.

Residents in Amhara’s capital Bahir Dar said late on Saturday there was gunfire in some neighborhoods and some roads had been closed off.

Early on Sunday, Brigadier General Tefera Mamo, the head of special forces in Amhara, told state television that “most of the people who attempted the coup have been arrested, although there are a few still at large.”

The BBC reporter says as at Monday morning people in the capital Addis Ababa were going about their normal routine.

Asaminew Tsige: Mastermind of the putsch
The Prime Minister’s office in its statement named one Brigadier General Asaminew Tsige as the mastermind of the alleged coup and deadly attacks.

“It is to be recalled that Brigadier General Asaminew Tsige was given amnesty and released from imprisonment last year,” the statement of June 23 read in part.

The shooting occurred when federal officials were meeting the state president – an ally of Abiy – to discuss how to rein in the open recruitment of ethnic militias by Asaminew, one Addis-based official told Reuters.

A week earlier, Asaminew had openly advised the Amhara people, one of Ethiopia’s larger ethnic groups, to arm themselves, in a video spread on Facebook and seen by a Reuters reporter.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government faces growing pressure from regional strongmen, including in Amhara, a flashpoint in growing ethnic violence in Ethiopia.


  1. Out of touch and violent amara-elite: Brigadier General Asaminew tsige a hardliner amara nationalist, who was said to have a significant invincible army of well armed loyal amaras and a would be popular KING of abyssinia, who, according Wikipedia, had previously been serving a life sentence in relation to his involvement in a coup attempt staged by Ginbot 7 (Oromo phobic organization founded by a certain andargachew tsige (probably his brother) and a certain birhanu nega, an organization which according to the US State Department Human Rights report espouses violence) was shot dead by police on Monday in his stronghold home town in ABYSSINIA with in 36 hours after his latest coup attempt failed.

    Where were his invincible army of well trained and well armed loyal amaras who made a solemn oath to defend him, his rule and abyssinian empire no matter what? Didn’t the good General know the geography of his own country abyssinia and the places there to build his fortresses after a luxurious life as a top abyssinian colonial army officer in an occupied Finfine? Or is it a fake loyalty oath video that is being distributed by the General himself similar to that of the infamous ginbot 7’s false myth of commanding a large army in Eritrea that could match tplf’s when in fact ginbot 7 had 240 soldiers in their 7-11 years history.

    The out of touch and corrupt amaras-elite, as far as I’m concerned, I don’t have a beef in abyssinia, and what they do in abyssinian does not involve me as long as they stay out of all Oromian territory that includes wollo. One thing I have observed so far is that the neftengas brethren in occupied Oromia has no similar interest with the abeshas residing in tigray or amara land(=abyssinia). The neftegnas in Oromia (=odp) are all teaming up with col. abiy against abyssinians. So why on earth do residents of abyssinia support and fight abiy’s dirty war in Oromia?

    Unlike children of a priest who believe that God is their uncle, we Oromos do not consider ourselves as ehiopians despite amaras and their new master col. Abiy who killed their king and neftegnas say so endlessly.

    I imagine, the Battle of BahirDar between colonel Ahmed Abiy and General Asaminew Tsige on June 24, 2019 seemed a replica of the Battle of AmbaSel between Imam Ahmad (=Ahmed Grang) and Emperor Lebne Dingel of Abyssinia on October 28, 1531. Almost 488 years ago. Can the abeshas imagine it?

  2. Good report. But, there is still something missing , in my point of view and certainly many will come to terms on the following point.
    The amhara are taking a major poltical and divisive role in creating choas and violence persistently in ethiopian history. They have committed genocide in various notheren part of ethiopia during the military junta 1970 and 1980 s including gondar , Hawzen , Mekele etc . Historians have a lot to say what Amahra has done to the socalled minorities who are fierecely tortured , burned alive and ramming innnocent people by a car, tank and other military vehicles.

    However, amahra used to barking and sticking their bloodtainted fingers on Tigray and other tribes. Amhara claims that they have churches which posess religious articles descended from heaven to attract people lavishly gather money.

    Amahra has bombarded and killed thousands in the market using miltary force by plane. Amahra is always using its diasporas in the western country to establish ties and gain the uppoerhand in the western media against Tigray people . Amahra is still asking asylum in US and EU claiming suppressed by Tiny Tigre while the liberators tigrryans are behind bars by the dictator PM Abiy whose fans call him prophet and God Messenger . Majority or outnumbering others cannot be a justification to possess skills to lead a country as amahra claims . Amhara cites consistently that outnumbering or surpassing others in number could be the only resaon to hold power and control other ethnics . There are tribes even diasporas who are able to lead acountry regadless of their ethinic or religious affiliation.What matters is a skill and wisdom!

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