Ethiopia to start extracting crude oil tomorrow

Ethiopia to start extracting crude oil tomorrow

Ethiopia is to start extracting the first ever crude oil deposit from Ethio-Somali Region as of tomorrow, The Reporterlearnt.

It is to be recalled that back in March, 2018, Poly-GCL, a Chinese company engaged in oil and gas exploration and development project in the Ethio-Somali Regional State, has already discovered oil and natural gas deposits.

The amount of gas reserve discovered by Poly-GCL is estimated to be 6 to 8 Trillion Cubic Feet.

Poly-GCL which signed petroleum development agreement with then Ministry of Mines to the Calub and Hilala gas fields in in Ogaden basin is set to start extraction of the crude oil deposits as of tomorrow.

The crude oil deposit is scheduled to be transported to Addis Ababa and other parts of the country where it will be distributed to cement factories as of tomorrow.

Officials, from both the federal and Ethio-Somali region will attend the inaugural ceremony which will be held on June 28, 2018. The delegation of official including Meles Alemu, Minister of Mines, Petroleum & Natural Gas will arrive in Ogaden

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  1. Extracting oil from Ogaden is daylight robbery. The righteous owners of this natural resource in their country were not consulted, employed and will not benefit from its production. Rather, it will exacerbate the anguish inflicted on them by the Wayane regime, which has already uprooted hundreds of thousands of Somalis from this land.
    I see that Abdi Mohamed Omer, the nominal president of the Somali region, is included in the Ethiopian delegation for the inauguration ceremony today. This is a staged shire propaganda for the outsiders to believe that there is a real federal system in Ethiopia where each federal state has a say in its natural resource. This is the first time he visits the reserved areas for the exploration, of course, with his seniors from Addis Abeba, and probably his last time as this is not what he was nominated for his ‘presidency’.
    Mr Abiy Ahmed, the prime minister of Ethiopia, has been beating the drums of hope, justice, freedom, and peace for ALL Ethiopians, over a couple of months of his premiership. Consequently, other regional states felt, at least, some positive psychological effects as they can openly raise issues of their regional matters locally and at the federal level without fear and repercussion. That effect is only a dream to the Somali people in the Ogaden, and their region will be the testing ground of Mr Ahmed’s premiership, not only by the Somalis but also by their Oromo cousins as they both suffered the slavery imposed on them by the Abyssinians for a long time. To be believed what he says in the Somali region and their associates – the Oromos, the prime minister should take a tangible action and:-
    1- holt the extraction of oil and gas from the Ogaden region
    2- disband the cruel and murderous regime set up in the region by the TPLF
    3- allow a genuine election to take place for the people to choose their regional leaders and federal representative in terms of quality and number.
    4- The Somali people in the region believe that they are not less than 8 million. 25 uneducated and handpicked individuals cannot represent this region at the federal parliament.

    The question of extracting natural resource can only legally be addressed when the above 4 points are treated as a priority and dealt with.

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