An Excessive Rapaciousness of TPLF Apartheid is Alien to Values of Africa

Ethiopia: -An Excessive Rapaciousness of the TPLF Apartheid Is Alien to The Values of Africa.

The TPLF Tigray/ans led minority Apartheid regime of Ethiopia will create the worst human disaster Africa has ever seen #GenocideAlert

By Denboba Natie, January 29, 2018

The Contradiction of the TPLF Apartheid’s Greed with Ethiopian/African Values.

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) regime of Ethiopia consistently proved its being absurdly alien to the cultures and values of Ethiopians. Historiographical and cultural records show that, the Africans cherish luxury of customary fairness and social justice, communal and social responsibilities than working for their egos and interests of few individuals. The cancerous social ill of rapaciousness, introduced by Europeans, is alien to Africans/Ethiopians. From the early stages in their lives, the Africans and indigenous Americans learn how to shoulder social responsibility, beginning these by taking care of their own siblings and family, neighbours, community, tribe, nation and ultimately the entire country. This moral philosophy and concept of mutual benefit is ingrained in their psyches, and it is equally applicable to the nurturing of the nature. Balancing human interaction with nature is also one of the key components of African values and their life, as is the case with indigenous Americans.

In traditional Africa, individualism is the remotest subject, hence systematically discriminated against. In striking contrast, social responsibility is praised and promoted, thereby subconsciously inculcating these in the minds of and encouraging the new generation to respect and adhere to the later. The Africans as an indigenous Americans and Australian (Aborigines, who are Africans in heredity) equally respect and care for nature and sensitively balance nature, natural order and its relationship with mankind, unlike the European and American companies whose CEO’s blatantly order the destruction of these from their Washington DC, New York, Paris, London, Shanghai… grand offices. The former noble people (Africans) with noble values, and the origin of human civilisation believe that, the omnipotent who is almighty creator of the universe is their guiding principle, and their philosophy which gives them impetus for caring for nature and natural order, whilst deploying it for their consumption. This is the very concept from where the Europeans plagiarised the idea of ‘MONOTHEISM’ to sell it back to Africans – post Council of Nicaea 325 AD to enslave their subjects ever since, under the pretext of Christianity, the ‘belief in the form of spirituality’ has been in existence for at least 12,000 years in another name before they have plagiarized it; (read 42 Kemet’s Negative Confessions from where 10 commandments of old testaments were plagiarized).

The indicated responsibilities among the others involve the utilisations and protection of their key natural resource, namely land and its yields. In Africa, as it is in Latin America and Oceania (the disrupted value since the invasion of their lands by European colonizers at least 500 years ago), the concept of utilising the yield of nature and safeguarding natural resources to maintain, sustain and replace it whenever it is being utilised, guides the core principle of survival of humanity side by side with their eco-systems. Moreover, philosophically, the Africans believe that, nature and human existence go hand in hand. They believe that they are inseparably intertwined to be preserved for and by generations. They further believe that, protecting and maintaining the nature is their duty and obligation. They pass such noble beliefs and wisdoms down to their offspring from generation to generation; until these have been disrupted post colonialism in the cases of colonised nations. The logic behind the traditional Africans’ belief is that, if nature and natural order is disrupted, life ceases to exist. Hence, they worked hard to balance both in a delicate manner for several millennia.

Before the colonisation of Africa by Europeans after 1884 Berlin conference of scramble for Africa particularly; and since 1500s in general – in relation to slave trade and subsequent disruption of their traditional wisdom; the Africans had had effectively mitigated natural ills with their delicate handling of nature and natural eco-systems. As the rest of Africans, this has been the way, the peoples of Ethiopia had mitigated all-natural difficulties to balance the need of their peoples whilst preserving nature, until mid-1991. As it has been the case during European colonisation of Africa, since mid-1991 Ethiopia under the barbaric rules of TPLF apartheid, these all have been disrupted as we can briefly observe from the following argument.

Understanding A History Is Like Looking at Yourself in The Mirror

Unless it is stated otherwise, the peoples of Ethiopia are pure Africans. I strongly believe that, not only about my being an African, but also my strong pan-African belief that has shaped my entire political and socio-academic life. Therefore, I had an opportunity of critically investigating to understand the fact about the history of Africa, dating back to several thousand years; from the context of African historians based on unadulterated facts by European bogus historians most of who have always distorted it. Therefore, during both my early youth and adult life, since the incumbent TPLF regime has been awarded Ethiopia and its peoples by the Western political conspirators, who have facilitated the stage-management of the transfer of power from the majority (Ethiopians) to the minority (TPLF), I have closely observed the motives, behaviours, actions and aspirations of the TPLF’s regime. Based on my critical observation, I conclude as follows.

The TPLF Apartheid Is Alien to Africans/Ethiopians

Founded in 1975 with the objective of liberating of Tigray, the incumbent has shown that, it has got entirely different mentality from all its predecessors who have interchangeably ruled Ethiopia with iron feast. The objective of this piece is neither condoning the acts of the previous rulers who’ve all dehumanised their subjects in similar manner with the current nor validating their actions; but wanted to show their differences on one key area. The difference of the incumbent is increasingly linked with its insatiable appetite for material gain by exploiting the entire resources of various regions to benefit single region, with all costs without any regards to the rights of legitimate owners and their environment. Furthermore, its difference is also maliciously manifests itself with heinous actions. I prove that the indicated action is alien to the values and cultures of Africans.

When the TPLF and its business empires began the exploitation of the resources of the peoples of the country, firstly they displaced tens of millions of stakeholders without compensation by leaving them destitute, secondly, they also irreparably destroyed their environment, thirdly, they have disrupted the community who’ve lived in the affected areas for tens of generation by disrupting their social fabrics and politico-economic arrangements. Since mid-1991 after the TPLF is given power by the American and British political conspirators, this regime and its business empires (such as REST…etc) as well as its associates such as MEDROC (owned by the Saudi multi-billionaire who is under arrest in Saudi-Arabia for corruption and money laundering) are wreaking havoc as they recklessly destroy the environment and the people inhabiting it. Plethora of evidences of last 26 years indicate that, the TPLF and its associate business empires remain destroying everywhere they exploit natural minerals by subjecting peoples to a permanent congenital, physical, and psycho-physiological damages.

The sources of water supply for rural communities have been permanently contaminated leaving people and their animal who consume it with serious health calamities. For example, in the affected areas, hundreds of thousands of children who are born in the last 20 or so years are, either born congenitally deformed or both physically and mentally incapacitated, whereas the rest are born extremely susceptible to easily preventable diseases, hence their lives are prematurely cut. This is a common phenomenon in Oromia primarily, Ogaden Somali, Sidama, Amhara, Gambella and in many parts of the country in general under the pretext of investment; but none of such incidents in Tigray region. Evidences further indicate that, the TPLF is obliviously, but deliberately destroying nature and those who own it, in similar manner as those European and American colonisers and transnational corporations who cause such cataclysmic damages to the peoples of their host country all over the world. The TPLF regime is rightly placing itself with the later, as it is doing the same thing, employing the same methods, tactics and strategies. This is not the value of Africans.

The TPLF regime, as the rest of European and American transnational corporations who are recklessly exploiting the entire resources of Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Oceania and South Asia without any regard to the lives of those who own it and their environment; is acting like a foreign enemy in uncustomary manner to the culture and values of Africans. In Ethiopia, in the period of 26 and a half years alone, the regime has destroyed most areas of fertile lands of every region from where it has displaced tens of millions of peoples. Those who are displaced are affected in numerous ways including the indicated disruption of traditionally closely knitted society to be driven to the unknown locations to vacate their land for the TPLF business empires in the same manner as the Europeans have done to their colonies all over the world. Just in two decades a half alone, the TPLF destroyed the land of tens of millions of Ethiopians, which has been preserved for hundreds of years with sensitive and delicate methods of land management of Africans.

With its out of character actions and behaviours for Africans and their values; the TPLF proved its bizarre attitude and heinously cunning nature; not only by being the worst in country’s history in its grave violations of citizens’ rights, but also with destruction of nature and ecosystems sometimes by burning over 1000 years old trees in various indigenous forests. The irony is that, diametrically opposing to the above, the TPLF apartheid develops, maintains and preserves artificially grown forestry in its own traditionally extremely dry region of Tigray. This is also exactly compatible with European colonisers who’ve built their empire in their own country as they destroy the lands of their colonies whilst extoling their rich minerals and the other resources. This is what exactly the TPLF regime has been doing since it has assumed power and it is greedily doing as we speak. For Africans, it is clearer than ever that, the intention and objective of the TPLF regime is extremely dangerous, which must be deplored by all Ethiopians and their neighbours.


No regime in human history cuts piece of land of sovereign country to give it to the foreign country, apart from the colonisers. It is obvious that, historically colonisers slice lands of their colonies to share it between themselves like pieces of cakes without any regards to the rights of their subjects. The TPLF apartheid of Ethiopia is doing this. For example, it has plotted to give a piece of Ethiopian land from Amhara region of Gondar to Sudan. Moreover, the regime is also slicing pieces of land to use it for their (Tigray) regional benefit from Benshangul, Afar, Amhara, and little bit of Oromia ‘in its sight’ to get access to own huge chunk of land from Gambella regional state (where about 75% current occupiers of the land are Tigreans) to create its utopian ‘the greatest independent Tigray’.

All these and unmentioned actions of the TPLF regime are consistently compatible with European and American colonisers; and incompatible with the values of Africans (peoples of Ethiopia) and their principles. Finally, from my observation of the last 26 years, I can finalise with degree of logical certainty that, the behaviour, attitude, action and intention of the TPLF Apartheid is totally and utterly deplorable; and incompatible with the values and ethos of Africa and the Africans, needing an urgent reversal by totally removing the cancer of the country, the TPLF apartheid.

By Denboba Natie, January 29, 2018


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