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Ethiopia: ‘Ethiopia Prioritizes Diplomatic Protection With Host Countries’ – FM

Foreign Affairs Minister Gedu Andargachew said that the government of Ethiopia has been closely working with host countries for the protection of the country’s diplomatic missions and staff per Vienna Convention.

The FM’s remark came yesterday while concluding the annual ambassadors and diplomats’ summit that had been taking place in Bishoftu town of Oromia State for the past two weeks.

Gedu stated that close connection has been created with governments that host Ethiopian embassies being attacked by some radical members of the Diaspora and consensus reached on the protection of the diplomatic missions and staff.

He directed diplomats assigned in countries with large Ethiopian Diaspora to partner with Ethiopian community and other relevant stakeholders in the respective nations to solve differences in a civilized manner.

Regarding the Ministry’s performance in 2012 Ethiopian Year, Gedu indicated that the vigorous engagements the diplomatic missions have been made at bilateral, multilateral, public and citizen diplomacy have resulted in promoting the country’s firm stand about the fair utilization of Nile waters.

The FM stated that Ethiopia’s diplomatic missions across the globe have also done commendable tasks to aware the international community the country’s principled stance in the equitable utilization of cross-border rivers and the nation’s just cause for the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

“Egyptian Government has been engaged in escalating the GERD issue and could cause the recent aid cut from the U.S. Government,” he said, adding that Ethiopia’s diplomatic missions take the situation as a good opportunity to promote the country’s fair cause in the grand dam in areas they are served.

The new Ethiopia’s Foreign Policy pays due attention to medemer (synergy) philosophy in a bid to consolidate the existing relationships and explore new partnerships from any corner of the world. The new policy is also capable to catch up the dynamics that have been created in the Horn of Africa and Arabian Gulf regions.

The minister directed Ethiopian ambassadors and diplomats in neighboring countries to pay due attention to the materialization of the vision of creating infrastructural-driven economic integration. “Our diplomats should also be vigilant to ensure the country’s national interest amidst of a growing militarization and new balance of power that has been created in the Horn of Africa and Arabian Gulf regions.”

The ambassadors also required to prioritize economic diplomacy that mainly focused at attracting foreign direct investment to the country using different communication methods and lobbying for facilitating the expansion the market horizons of the nation’s exports. Luring as many foreign tourists as possible to visit the country is also the diplomats’ focus, Gedu remarked,

Source: allafrica.