Ethiopia cuts off internet for a WEEK while students take high school

Ethiopia cuts off internet for a WEEK while students take high school exams

In a stunning commitment to fair play and levelling the educational playing field, Ethiopia has shut down its internet during exam week .

Not just the school’s access, or each pupil’s, but the ENTIRE country.

(Mirror) – All social media access is grounded until at least June 8 while hundreds of thousands of students across the nation take their grade 10 exams – the equivalent of GCSEs.

The reason for the nationwide blackout is to stop exam papers and answers being posted online to social networks. The problem was widespread last year so the government decided to take action.

Addis Ababa (Photo: Getty)

“The shutdown is aimed at preventing a repeat of leaks that occurred last year,” Mohammed Seid, public relations director of Ethiopia’s Office for Government Communications Affairs, told Reuters.

“We are being proactive. We want our students to concentrate and be free of the psychological pressure and distractions that this brings.”

Mr Seid didn’t give a specific date for when the country’s connectivity would be switched back on again – but he did say that the blackout was focused on social media.

Embassies and international organisations will also still have access to the internet.

Addis Ababa, the capital and largest city in the country has been given a social media ban before. Protests in 2015 and 2016 resulted in the country pulling the plug on Facebook and Twitter.

At least this time it’s being used to prevent exam cheats.