Ethiopia: A Culturally-Rich and Diverse Country to Explore for Filipino

Ethiopia: A Culturally-Rich and Diverse Country to Explore for Filipino Travelers

By  Marky Ramone Go
Diverse Country
In Photo: Capt. Joy Roa enjoys a visit to the colorful Dorze tribe in the Great Rift Valley
 (Business Mirror) —  Filipino travelers in search of fascinating new destinations are treated with a visually stimulating preview last month, when the ABS-CBN News Channel’s Asian Air Safari showed a two-part episode of their feature on Ethiopia at the Shangri-La Cineplex in Mandaluyong.

A land of diversity

Containing two episodes: “A Cradle of Mankind” and “A Land of Diversity”, the show features pilot and TV presenter Capt. Joy Roa, an amiable man gifted with a curious mind and whose wonderful presence and good sense of humor, was able to take viewers along with him as he explores the diverse and culturally gifted country of Ethiopia.

Hopping from the capital city of Addis Ababa mingling with the vibrant people of the country to discovering the great outdoors of the Ethiopian wildlife while encountering folks from various tribes—including the Mursi people who are known for their lip plates (pottery and wooden discs) which they wear on their lips as a rite of passage—the twin episodes conveyed the grandness of Ethiopia as a perfect destination for adventure-seeking and culturally inclined Filipino travelers.

The one-hour screening of the Asian Air Safari feature on Ethiopia also provided the guests and organizers to touch base with regards to the future collaboration of the Philippines and Ethiopia in harnessing strong tourism ties. With the help of the Ethiopian Airlines—which now flies from Manila to Addis Ababa, a cultural bridge between two nations can now be easily built.

Ethiopian Ambassador Shiferaw Jarso and Ethiopian Airlines Country Manager Solomon Bekele welcomed guests to the occasion.

“Ethiopian Airlines is nearing its second year of operations in Manila. Our routes connecting the Philippines to Ethiopia are important avenues to bridge the gap between the two countries in terms of tourism, trade, cultural exchange and economic partnerships.  We believe our mission as an airline is beyond just selling tickets. That is why we have done a variety of efforts with different local partners to introduce Ethiopia to the Philippines and the Philippines to Ethiopia. We are happy to share that we are looking forward to provide more exciting offerings for our clients in the Philippines this 2017,” Bekele said.

Following the screening of the two episodes, the Ethiopian Airlines gifted the guests with a chance to witness an iconic coffee ceremony. An intimate social gathering proceeded as the guests and organizers enjoyed a banquet of authentic Ethiopian cuisine. Cultural performers from Addis Ababa were flown in to Manila to showcase their unique songs and dances.

At the end of the night, Ethiopian Airlines granted one lucky winner with the trip of a lifetime by giving away two round-trip tickets to the African nation.

Unraveling a diverse world

The new season of ABS-CBN News Channel Asian Air Safari featured destinations still unfamiliar to most Filipino travelers. Interesting places in Italy, Israel, Australia, Sweden, Japan and the Philippines gave Filipino travelers more reasons to explore the world.

This season’s theme, “Tracing Our Routes, Unraveling A Diverse World”, celebrated how the countries of the free world are able to find a common connection regardless of religious diversity and cultural differences.

Asian Air Safari is the only aviation-themed travel program in Asia. Hosted by real-life pilot Capt. Joy Roa, the show has been to over 250 cities in more than 65 countries to discover the world’s most fascinating places and cultures, meet with friends old and new, and to share experiences that make life meaningful. The show strongly advocates for the aviation industry and aims to inspire new generations of aspiring pilots to pursue their traveling dreams.”