#Ethiopia court updates: Judges at the Fed.

#Ethiopia Court updates:

Judges at the Fed. First Instance Court Arada Branch have today granted a 10, 000 birr bail to four individuals including Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) senior leadership Dejene Tafa and two others in his file. On August 04, the manager of Eka Kotebe hospital was summoned by the court to explain how Dejene Tafa was admitted to hospital after allegedly testing positive for #Covid19, a claim by the Attorney General’s office. A week later Dejene was discharged with a doctor’s certificate showing that he was free of Covid-19.

The two others in Dejene’s file are Misha Adem Chiri, an Ethiopian with a US citizenship; and Korssa Dechassa, their lawyer Kedir Bullo told #AddisStandard. Misha was volunteering as IT professional assisting Oromia Media Network (#OMN) by the time he was arrested.

Similarly, The Court has granted 10, 000 birr bail to journalist Guyo Wariyo of OMN. He is the last journalist to have interviewed prominent #Oromo Artist #HachaluHundessa before he was assassinated. The Attorney General office accused Guyo of manipulating his interviewee to incite violence.

Two weeks ago, OMN reported that prosecutors sought to flip Guyo to testify against Jawar Mohammed, an offer Guyo is reported to have declined.


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  1. Editors at Kichuu,

    Thank you for posting this timely news. OMN and Ayyaantuu are rendered temporarily ineffective, due to health and other problems. Please know in these difficult times we Oromos, more than ever are relying on Kichuu to get updated.

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