Ethiopia Civil War battlefield update

Ethiopia Civil War battlefield update

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ETHIOPIA ON FIRE, the implosion of a state.

Abiy Ahmed, and the destruction of Ethiopia.


News September 7: TDF Afar region -OLA West Wellega – Chena locality Amhara region

TdF – Weldiya – Mersa – Golina -Awra

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  1. A Chinese restaurant in the Kenyan capital Nairobi has been shut down and its owners summoned by authorities after it emerged it was barring black patrons, according to reports.


    Chinese now say no Oromo, NO Tegaru and non-amahara by sending weapons to amhara led government in Ethiopia to help this modern day genocider kill its own citizens. Amhara ciritize EU and USA by labeling them as colonialists , while requesting military support from Turkey, China ,UAE and Russia, the modern day colonialists reputed for their systematic control over afrcan economy , to kill fellow men of the same land .

    Chinese are eventually to create a territory where we africans could not have access or could not set our feet within our own land . Amhara elites are contributing to this chaos by working with modern day colonialists, Turkey, UAE,& China who support the genocide in Ethiopia. Like what they did in kenyan restaurant, NO no-chinese region will be revealed to the world if they did continue submerge to our land and insist on controlling its entire economy.

    የዓማራ ሊሂቃን ከይሰጣንም ሆን ቢሆን እንተባበራለን ማለታቸው ለዚሁ ነበር፥፥

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