Ethiopia arrests ‘terror suspect’ with over half a million dollars cash

Ethiopia arrests ‘terror suspect’ with over half a million dollars cash

Authorities at a border post in Ethiopia’s east have arrested a man transporting over half a million dollars in cash.

(africanews) –Head of communications in the Oromia state said police on Wednesday arrested the suspect, one Habanee Arabnuur, at the Bordede check point.

A 34-second video shared by the communications chief showed that money comprised bundles of $100 bills.

He is reported to have confirmed that he took the money from the capital Addis Ababa and that it was meant to fund the activities of anti-government elements trying to incite violence and destabilize the region.

Ethiopia’s volatile security situation led to the imposition of a state of emergency in October 2016. The six-month duration was extended after expiry by four months. The parliament voted to lift it earlier this month.

Large scale anti-government protests were the reason for the state of emergency but there are instances of armed clashes and bomb attacks that have forced western governments to issue travel advisories for specific areas.

The United States and United Kingdom have maintained their security alerts imposed since last October even though the state of emergency has been lifted.

MallattooWeeraraa-Kun meeshaa waraanaa guyyaa dheengaddaa lola godina Baalee Aanaa Daawwee Qaachan keessatt Liyyuu Poolisii Somaaleen dhukaafame.Meeshaan kun otuu dhuka’iin hafe. Meeshaan guddaa kun mallattoo deeggarsa humna waraana federaalaa ti.
This special weapon was used when Somali Liyu Police invaded Southeast Oromia, Bale, Dawe Qachan district three days ago. It did not explode.

Via: Dhábasá Wakjira Gemelal


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  1. The alternative story that I am hearing is that this man was taking the money to Addis Ababa, from Somali group leader Abdi Iley, to pay TPLF cadres of the government for supporting liyu police to cause the turmoil in the Oromia/Somali region. The Ethiopian government, according to this scenario, deliberately put Somalis against Oromos. It wouldn’t be the first time the Ethiopian government has used the “divide and rule” tactic to hold on to its oppressive power.

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