Ethiopia: Another drone strike on Mekelle today. Humanitarian Situation Update

Ethiopia: Another drone strike on Mekelle today  Humanitarian Situation Update

A video of the losses from today’s bombings in Mekele.

Ethiopia’s PM has gone to the battlefront: State-affiliated media

Battlefield Report from Afar region | Dr Eleni Gebre Madhin | Sudan

Ethiopia bans war reporting | Air strike on Mekelle | UK Ambassdor’s visit of Tigray

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  1. “The best way to predict the future is to design it” most of us do agree and come to terms with the aforementioned absolutely bloody beautiful saying. Westerners were continuously warning and reminding us that there will be a bloodshed in Ethiopia and disintegration of Ethiopia will be inevitable like Yugoslavia.

    They were predicting the chaos that is coming ahead of us , since they design it and spent millions on this chaotic and bloody project in the pretext of counterterrorism, investment, bilateral economic relation between Ethiopia & US, UAE, Turkey, China etc , Furthermore , they trained many youngsters from Oromia, Amhara , and southern region in the guise of self-protection, counter-terrorism etc just as France did in Ruwanda .

    Those donations from these rich countries were misused and still manipulated to exterminate our people along with public taxes from Oromia, Tigray, Kimant, Gumuz,Amhara Agew, and all ethnic members unlawfully and inhumanely .

    All western countries are collaborating with Abiy Ahmed and his supporters to disintegrate the old country and scramble its resources at the expense of the massacre of children, mothers, and entire unarmed innocent civilians of all ethnic members.

    USA has done nothing to avert the bloodshed so far, over one year since Nov 4/20, but rather allowed Abiy Ahmed and his foreign allies to exterminate Tegaru and Oromia by taking no Action except issuing statements expressing superficial concerns lacking actions. Actually, USA is taking a position that doesn’t hinder Abiy Ahmed to accomplish his genocidal mission and help the US appear as the sole human right advocate in the planet that revealed as a paper tiger . All these countries are spending a large sum of money to transport their riches, save their citizens and protect their archives in their embassies based in finfine. They are worried about their buildings and riches in their embassies and wanting to deploy their troops.

    All rich countries are turning blind eyes and becoming coldly indifferent to the suffering of our people from Tigray , Oromia and all other ethnicities who undergo unspeakable and unimaginable agony for the past 3 years of prosperity party ruling, but they give permission to one another to their planes carrying weapons to reach where genocide is publicly committed for the past 1 year. All those weapons did not reach finfine without landing in any other country and without the notice of the USA.

    All the past genocidal missions and upcoming chaos are carefully and skillfully designed by Superhuman and modern day colonial masters who have no heart, but a potbelly could not be saturated and easily filled with its domestic resources at hand.

    Furthermore, Amhara elites in Diaspora and Prosperity party supporters in ethiopia has contributed and played a considerable role in accomplishing the genocidal mission designed by Isiyas Aferworki, and sponssored by western powers including the UAE , China and Turkey.
    Recently, one arab man from asia told Tigreans are Christians , and do not like Muslilms etc and remind us the fact that to exterminate Tigray many foreigners have been told BY Amhara elites as if We Tegaru are anti-Muslim and hate Arabs which is untrue. This perverted image of Tigray designed and presented by anti- TIgray and Tegaru has served many foreigners including the UAE, Somali Soldiers imported to our land, as one factor, among other economic motives, to go against our people and massacre our beloved ones .
    Tegaru are hailed as the most hospitable and welcoming people who stretched their hand and protected Prophet Muhammad’s followers seeking refuge in Aksum in 615 AD during Christian king (King Al-Najāshī) who provided safety and protection.
    ” To exterminate Tegaru and demolish Tigray, we will work with anyone including Satan”, publicly and shamelessly uttered Amhara elites and Prosperity party goons.

    It is all about reaching those who have perverted image of Tigray and Tegaru and condemn the enemies of Tigray and urge them to stop their atrocities and propaganda based on hate and unfounded hostility . Do obey to moral teachings of your religion , whatever you may adhere to, and stop torturing and killing our people , stop sticking to the genocidal mission of prosperity party. Killing innocent civilians , looting properties of your neighbor , and raping and causing physical harm is not justified by any religion . People should not be killed and not even ill treated for their ethnic, political view and religious standing, but criminals could be brought to justice without causing any sort of or slight physical harm and face justice lawfully and humanely.
    A killer should not be even killed in the streets, but judged accordingly and lawfully according to state laws. How could you claim that you are a Christian or Muslim and kill innocent civilians without a proof simply for their ethnic and political background. Is Prosperity party your cult or religion that tempted you to disregard and abandon Islam and Christianity or any other religion you had accepted for years before Abiy Ahmed came to power ? Thank you

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