Ethiopia: Amhara Political Elites Don’t Believe in Free and Fair Elections!

Ethiopia: Amhara Political Elites Don’t Believe in Free and Fair Elections!

By Barii Ayano

1. Politicians are following political correctness to state issues in factual terms and hence go around in diplomatic terms. The rest of us, who apolitical individuals, need to state it in black-and-white, without being obligated to political correctness. One of these issues is the political perspective on Amhara political elites. Facts be told that Amhara political elites don’t believe in free and fair elections. They don’t believe in equality of all Ethiopians. They don’t believe in the importance of multiculturalism. They believe in unitary government based on assimilation into Amharic centrism. Thus, they oppose every individual and every development that contradicts their mission. Simply put, you should not start from the analysis of democracy, unity and elections to build sustainable understanding of Amhara politics. You should focus on unitary government based on Amharic-centrism. This may be important for our youth to balance their political perspective of Ethiopia with different realities of interest groups.

2. When TPLF hegemony ended, Amhara elites thought that they would dismantle the federal system. They would get rid of the Constitution. They would make nationalist political parties illegal in Ethiopia. Moreover, the leaders of the Amhara-centered politicians like G-7 aka EZEMA thought they could easily be dominant political party in Ethiopia. Once they settled in Ethiopia, real politics on the ground has been completely different from their imaginations. EZEMA has no significant support except in few yesteryear garrison towns. Even their assumed core base, the Amhara Region, denied them any support. Their venture into Meqele town thought them unforgettable lesson. Their attempt to dominate the politics in the SNNPR is not holding any water either. They could not even be dominant in large cities like Hawassa.

3. The Amhara political elites are completely disillusioned in their dream of re-establishing chauvinists’ hegemony over Ethiopia. Even the political elites under ADP are acting more as opposition groups resisting Oromos, Tegarus, etc. than being partners in governance. They live on manufacturing conspiracy theories and waging war on minorities (Qimant, Agews, Oromos, Tegarus, etc.) in the Amhara Region and Benishangul-Guzum Regional State. It has become the most hooligan regional government in Ethiopia. It’s replaced Somali Region as the most unruly and barbaric regional government of Ethiopia. The Federal Government has no impact on it.

4. Amhara political elites, particularly EZEMA elites, last resort to accomplish their goal is Abiy Ahmed. The seasoned crooked politicians of G-7-EZEMA perceive Abiy as a ‘freshman politician’. Some freshmen students think that they reach the ceiling of knowledge for every course they take and for every new idea they encounter. This happens in real lives. When I was young, I remember the case of my freshman uncle. He took chemistry courses. He explained everything in terms of chemistry. Once our porridge got cold while he was busy eloquently explaining porridge making chemistry in splendid details. As the freshman politician, EZEMA leaders believe that they can give Abiy ideas and he will run with it to accomplish their goals. At least partly, it is working for them. One of these ideas is the so-called ‘citizenship politics. The importance of dismantling EPRDF to establish one party is another example. Both are aligned with the visions and missions of the EZEMA much more than the historical political approaches of dictatorial EPRDF. Even with serious opposition from TPLF, Abiy is pushing it forward-kill EPRDF.

5. The idea of animosity against Jawar is surely built by Amhara political elites. It’s not the product of Oromo, Tegarus, SNNPR, etc. political elites. Even Tegarus, who were arch enemies of Jawar under TPLF hegemony, have started appreciating his talents and its role in sustaining multinational federation. It’s only the Amhara political elites and their Amharanized stooges that consistently attack Jawar. If opposition against Jawar were based on intellectually challenging his views, it could have contributed to the process of democratizing Ethiopia. Sadly, they are not engaged in intellectual debates. They resort to banking on the draconian & savage political culture of Ethiopia. They persistently call for violent elimination. Ethiopia orchestrated savagery against its intellectual powers, who could be tangible solutions to its predicaments. The mediocre politicians of Ethiopia have had no gut or capacity to open sustainable intellectual debates of the various ideologies of the various interest groups. Rather, Ethiopian politicians hate intellectualism. This has been the case since its inception and, in particular, since 1960s. Ethiopia is the enemy of its smartest and the most dynamic thinkers. Recall, Ethiopia killed Walelign Mekonnen; Ethiopia killed Haile Fida, etc. The same holds true today. History is repeating itself. Amhara political elites want to bank on the same savage crime.

6. Sadly, Abiy Ahmed joined them as a Trojan Horse. Abiy wants to shove his medemer and EPP into the throats of the Ethiopian people without challenge and intellectual debates. He sees nationalist elites as his nemesis. He wants to start his attack from the most dynamic critical mind-Jawar-and expand the attack on multinational federalism and nationalists. I think this also underlines that Abiy is not a big believer in free and fair politics, where diverse interests openly debate issues on the political market of Ethiopia for the public choice. He wants fake elections to be held under the uniform mindset of ‘medemer’, which is antithesis to building democracy. The assassination attempt on Jawar irrevocably damaged ODP leadership’s image under Abiy. ODP has entered the WORST form of confusions across its ranks and files. It’s only ‘democratic centralism’ that is hiding the confusions and even anger among ODP members. ODP banked on Jawar to calm our anger when Obbo Lamma was removed and replaced with Obbo Shimelis. Now the bridge is burned to ashes. The mediocre cadres lack capacity to end confusions.

7. Our people need to organize and network with other multinational federalists to force Abiy-led regime and the Amhara political elites to accept free and fair elections. Don’t assume the process is given. There is a need for consistent pressure and capacity building of organizations to build democratic principles of unity-in-diversity. The attempt of an attack on Jawar signifies the fake democratic agenda. Fact, neither a sustainable democracy nor dictatorship can be built by eliminating Oromo elites. Time has changed. It’s the agenda that will kill Ethiopia for

Adaamaa: hattoonni garee ABIN fi IZEMA akkanaan to’annaa poolisii jala oolan har’a.

Abebe Garasuu, Kamaal Galchu, Leencoo fii Dawud Ibsa faan Erga waggaa 27 irratti qabsooftanii biyyaa baaftan maaltu dhalannaan yaamtanii?
Dr. ABIY AHMED, ati akka Jechaa jirtutti isaan kun keenya waan ta’aniifi jette. Waggoota 27 akka keessan ta’an hin barre turee?

Dr. Abiy Ahmed, please wal sobuun kanaa achi hin hafnee amma filannoo kee kan maayyii fudhadhu.

Qabsoo Oromoo Sakaaluurraa dhaabbadhu.
Abdurahman Jibro

“27 አመት የት ነበራችሁ?” እኔ እስከማውቀው ድረስ ኦነግ የህዝቡን መብት ለማስከበር እየተዋጋ ነበር። እነ ጄ/ል ከማል ገልቹ መከላከያ ውስጥ ሆነን ህዝባችንን አናስገድልም ብለው ጫካ ገብተዋል። ጀዋር ወጣትነቱን ሰውቶ ለኦሮሞ ህዝብ ታግሎ ነፃነትን ሰጥቶናል…አንተ ግን ኢህአዴግ ሆነህ ህዝባችንን እያሳፈንክ፣ እያስገደልክ እና እያሳሰርክ ነበር።


Nuredin Shariif

Gaafatamaa Ethio telecom Damee Lixaa, Gammachis Taaddasaa, eda halkan qaama ajjeefame.
Ajjeechaa isaaf qaamni gaafatama fudhate hin jiru. Lubbuun lammiilee biyyaa akkanatti darbuun hedduu nama yaadeessa!  Maatiif jajjabina hawwina. Lubbuun isaa nagaan haa boqotu!

Dábessá Gemelal

Farah Maalim, former deputy speaker of Kenyan Parliament.

Amaarrii Harargee jiru rakkoo guddaa hin qabu (Duriyyee Diredawaa jiran addatti ilaalaa). Ani ji’a sadii Ciroo jiraadheen arge. Yeroo tokko tokko Church isaani yoo seenan malee Amaara Harargee jiru Oromoorraa addaan baasuun sirumaa hin danda’amu.

Kan nun game Nafxanyaa Arsii, Baalee fi Shawaa Bahaa jirudha. Waggaa dhibba tokko (bara 1886) dhufe lafa Oromoo fudhate qubate har’as Oromoo gadii ilaalaa jiraata. Amma, yookan seera keenyatti wal-kabajne bulu ykn lafa keenya gadhiisani bahu.

Biyya Oromiyaa