Ethiopia amassed troops inside Sudanese border: military sources

Ethiopia amassed troops inside Sudanese border: military sources

Ethiopia has deployed troops in the Qatarand settlement inside the Al-Fashaqa border area of Gedaref State, Sudanese military sources said on Friday. Sudanese army two weeks ago retook control of the Shai Bait settlement in the Al-Fashaqa after expelling Ethiopia Amhara militiamen. During a visit to the Sudanese forces deployed in the area, a week ago, a member of the Sovereignty Council, Lt Gen Shams Eldin Kabashi stated that over 95% of Al-Fashaqa is now under Sudanese control.
Sudanese military sources in Gadaref told the Sudan Tribune that, the Ethiopian army had been amassing a large contingent of troops and militiamen along the Al Fashaqa area, coming from Bahir Dar the capital of the Amhara Region and Gondar, another city in the same region.
“The Ethiopian army forces, supported by the Amhara militia, have been deployed in the Qatrand settlement, equipped with cannons and tanks,” the source who is not authorized to speak with the media added.
The Ethiopian government denies deploying its national army in the border area saying the Sudanese army is hunting Ethiopian farmers. Also, Addis Ababa says seeking a negotiated solution for the border dispute and they refuse to go in war against the Sudanese army.
In Khartoum, Sudanese officials say its army has been deployed within the internationally demarcated border. Further, they refuse talks about border dispute saying the government of Abiy Ahmed seeks to denounce the agreements of 1902,1903 and 1972 about the border demarcation.


  1. Dear Editors,and beloved Queen of Sheba

    I am ashamed of supporting Abiy and his killings.

    blood trusty Ethiopian colluded, allowed Eritrean solders to loot,rape kill innocent civilians in Tigray very disturbing, reasonable Ethiopian would not have done that,now Eritrean solders are wearing Ethiopian uniform to fool us and kill rape innocent civilians again
    Ethiopians who can not see the suffering of others are blinded by ethnic hatred so the international community need to intervene to stand for those innocent civilians that are bring raped and killed by Eritrean solders , Amhara militia and bad Ethiopian solders , this bloody thirsty people are using the online platform to justify their atrocities so no reasonable mind will accept the killing , rape and looting that is going on in Tigray , Ethiopian people lost their moral compass we need the international community to intervene and those who committed crimes should be brought to face justice in International criminal court , Justice for Tigray people

    According to my sources, Sudan is gonna advance ahead and control Gonder soon.There might be more damage than in Tigray. There was an Imam who prophesized about the invasion of Sudan and taking control of Gonder and destruction of Palace of Fasil 100 years ago . This gonna come true soon.

  2. Ces hommes sont mauvais en eux-mêmes. Contrary to popular belief, these Eritrean and ethiopian troops are inherently evil ;what they are practicing proves the fact that they are evil by themselves.

    Je doute que le Diable lui-même soit plus brutal que ces hommes qui utilisent des produits chimiques mortels sur leurs frères humains. Il faut se rappeler que tous ces crimes de guerre sont commis sous prétexte d’arrêter les dirigeants du Tigré (TPLF ) et de démanteler leur parti politique.

    We need a military actions right now. People of Tigray are exposed to unimaginable attrocities on a daily basis. This white phosphorus attack is utterly inhumane and do remind me ” Cruelity has no geographic boundary and could repeate itself regardless of its locality. Cruelty could not come to a halt and extinct as humanbeings like these people exist on earth.

    The world leaders bring peace in the middle east after 11 days, but they are busy only issuing warnings and appeasing letters , while the most innocent creatures are dying and suffering like these ???
    Considering the traits of Isayas Afewerki and his adminstrative style , we could easily come to conclusion that he will not be intimidated by those sanctions and visa restrictions.

    Experts did a research on how Isayas was collecting tax from Eritreans in overseas;
    In addition, the tax collection is perceived as mandatory by many Eritreans, and non-compliance with payments can lead to consequences such as denial of consular services, punishment of family members in Eritrea.

    Hence, sanctions and visa restrictions will make our enemies more brutal against our people . Ethiopia will also adopt the same style from Eritrean government to compensate the loss as a result of the sanctions made by EU and US.

    They will put all their citizens into the fire they launched until one person and one bullet remains just as their predecessor Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam stated out of Desperation.

    If UNSC and EU is not take military action, there will more deaths and atrocities and our enemies are desperately and mercilessly acting nonstop until their total collapse.

    Help end the suffering of innocent civilians irrespective of their ethnicity and religion .

    Aider à mettre fin au génocide , famine et Les violences sexuelles , utilisées comme une arme de guerre!

    Je tiens à vous remercier au nom de peuple du Tigré et et tous les civils innocents, sans distinction de leurs sexe, âge, de religion, origine ethnique, visés par des criminels de guerre!!!

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