Ethiopia aims to Distort Somalia’s Pubic Image on the Handover

Ethiopia aims to Distort Somalia’s Pubic Image on the Handover of the ONLF Rebel Leader, Ethiopian Diplomat hints

Ethiopia’s Gen. Gabre took to the social media, following the Handover of the ONLF Rebel commander to Ethiopia
MOGADISHU, Somalia (Horn Observer) Ethiopian Diplomat, Gen. Gabre who is Senior Political Advisor to IGAD took to the social media this week praising the Somali National Intelligence Agency (NISA) while accusing the Somalia President and Prime Minister for aiding terrorists, an act that many analysts said the handover of the oNLF rebel commander to Ethiopia was a pre-planned act to disrupt Somalia government politically.

“Kudos to NISA for giving Ethiopia the ONLF terrorist, no thanks to President Farmajo and PM Khaire.” Gen. Gabre, who is senior Political Advisor to Inter-Governmental Authority and Development (IGAD) said on a twitter post

“Somali Government took ONLF terrorist from Galmudug. President Farmajo and PM Khaire stop supporting terrorists! #ONLF, #OLF” the General who has been the former Special Envoy to Somalia and former Supreme Commander of Ethiopian Forces in Somalia said in another twitter post.

The twitter posts follow after Somalia government faced public anger and criticism for handing over Abdihakim Sheikh Muse aka Qalbi Dhagah, member of the ONLF Executive committee, to Ethiopia.

Somalia government did not officially comment the handover of the rebel commander. However, Ethiopian government issued contradictory statements on the subject, while leaking photographs of Qalbi Dhagax pictured inside Ethiopian prison and the Go home paper for Qalbi Dhagax issued by the Ethiopian embassy to Mogadishu.

Many people took to the social media to express their anger to the Somalia government, while analysts suspect the matter has been pre-planned and was meant to distort the Somalia government’s pubic image.

“Its unlikely somebody takes photographs inside Ethiopian prison, unless otherwise its meant to distort the public image of the Somali government and fuel political crisis.” Omar Abdi, a political analyst in Mogadishu said, “So, the comments from Gen, Gabre shows an intent to disrupt the Somali government.”

Ethiopia is part of the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) and thousands of its soldiers are in Somalia for the peacekeeping mission. However, many Somalis regard Ethiopia as its traditional enemy.

Somalia president recently visited Egypt in a two day official visit, following  which many agreements including the military, the education among other sectors have been signed, an act which might have angered Ethiopia which regards Egypt as its enemy. The two countries are in conflict over the Nile River, after Ethiopia built the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), a plan which Egypt opposed.

The current political crisis that erupted after the Qalbi Dhagax was handed over to Ethiopia could lead the Somali government to face serious consequences including possible impeachment against the Somali president.