Eskinder told us, so boldly on a televised interview, that his illegal

Eskinder Nega told us, so boldly on a televised interview, that his illegal group called “balderas” took inspirations from the so called Tea Party Movement in America.

The Tea Party Movement, which anchors on its agenda of racism and white supremacism in soliciting political support did cause tremendous discords among communities even in such a matured democracy as that of the US.

Fetching experiences and taking inspirations from such racist group for crude appropriations in countries with no democracy, highly divided socio-political fabrics, and in its most fragile state as Ethiopia is a very dangerous and disastrous move which will have a very grave consequences for the country.

His inflammatory utterance that reduced the Oromo(pro) population in Finfinne to “an insignificant minority” on their own ancestral land and also his audacity to characterize the Ethiopian Muslims as “aliens” to the Ethiopian state— reminiscent of what the imperial regime used to do— could prove that he did indeed take inspirations from the Tea Party Movement and that he already started walking his talk on it.

Girma Gutema

Ethiopia:Ethiopis…’’ከንቴባው ግዜያዊ ናቸው መቶ ሺህ ሰው ማፈናቀል አይችሉም’’…የባለአደራው ወቅታዊ ጋዜጣዌ መግለጫ

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  1. Well, the “son of Ghion”, whom one of the leadership of the so called National Amhara Movement (NaAM) once credited as a “spiritual father of Amhara nationalism”, has gone too far in the Oromo land. As anti Oromo lunatic gangster, he has been preaching hatred against the Oromo people and, is making daring remarks, dehumanising the great Oromo people. Just like his forefathers who borrowed western rifles, before they achieved the level of civility required of modern human beings, and used the armaments to carry out genocide against the Oromo, Sidama, Walayita, Hadiya, Gumuz, Somali, etc., this gangster has gotten access to modern media before he attained the level of civility utilizing modern media outlets requires.

    As for the Oromo people and other historically subjugated ethnic groups in Ethiopia, the 21st century belongs to them, and they are on the march to build a new Ethiopia in which they all thrive. Eskinder Nega and his spiritual children, the leaders of the so called NaAM, are buried in 19th century Ethiopian political thoughts, and are falling much behind to cope with the political maturity attained by other Ethiopians. They have been busy making claims to ancestral lands of others, inciting violence through their hate speeches and encouraging Amhara militia to massacre innocent civilians in Gumuz, North Shoa, Kemissie, Qimant, etc.

    Given the mindset of the anti Oromo lunatic fringes and the savage and extremely backward gangs, trading in the name of “Amhara”, it is not surprising that Eskendir Nega has been inspired by the ” Tea Party Movement” in the USA. The Tea Party Movement, which emergrd in 2009 (following the election of black president) demands strong immigration control, among other things. Knowing this fact may not suit Abyssinian desperation to occupy other people’s lands as immigrants, and Eskinder Nega may not be happy. His hate monger comrades such as Riot Alemu may lose out if America tightens its immigration policies and Nega may not wish to be inspired by that. The Economist on 20 July 2010 reported that ‘racism is a sucker bet for working Americans. It has been a key element in building the Tea Party Movement and the Republican Party since Richard Nixon. Notably, ‘the racist angle to the Tea Party Movement was to just hook poor and middle class whites into an effort designed to economically benefit the wealthiest of the wealthy at the expense of poor and middle class of all colours’. The comment in the Economist, further, highlights that ‘racism has long been used to divide working Americans up along colour lines so they do not demand a better deal from the economic and political elite’

    The Abyssinian lunatic fringes have been copying and using cynicl practices and ideologies since they made contacts with foreigners including racist ideas and formula. Eskinder Nega’s forefathers denied their being Africans and tried to borrow legitimacy from overseas by claiming Solomonic lines. They dehumanized fellow Ethiopians and reduced them to the level of serfs in their ancestral lands. Now, Eskinder Neg is going all the way to America, and getting inspiration from a racist group, which came into existence mainly to undermine Barack Obama’s administration. While he hides his true objectives, he is telling the residents of Addis Ababa/Finfinne that he is taking care of their interests. To ‘call a spade, a spade’, Eskinder Nega’s ‘Addis Ababa Care Taker’ illegal organization is simply an anti Oromo, anti Tigrawi, anti Gurage, anti Walayita, anti Sidama, anti Siltie, anti Hadiya, Anti Somali, anti Agaw, anti Gumuz, anti decent (poor) Amhara, etc. The gangsters behind Nega’s illegal organization preach anti Oromo hatred propagandas to divide the residents of Addis Ababa and use the unaware non – Oromo groups as instruments in order to achieve their objective of maintaining “Amhara” supermacy in the city at the expense of other ethnic groups.

    Genuine Ethiopians, wake up and stand with your fellow Oromo and support their just causes.

    May truth and justice prevail in Ethiopia!

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