#Eritrea viewpoint: I fought for independence but I’m still waiting for freedom

#Eritrea viewpoint: I fought for independence but I’m still waiting for freedom

They paid a heavy price for highlighting their plight – they ended up becoming victims. Many said that the regime was following a path to dictatorship; others called for patience, saying the constitution that Eritreans had been promised would be drafted and the country would head towards democracy.
None of this has happened. Eritrea remains a one-party state, having never held an election to choose the president or government.
Official statistics show that healthcare and education have improved since independence but is it difficult to believe them. With limited job prospects and the prospect of years of compulsory unpaid military service, many young people continue to leave the country, seeking asylum in other African states or Europe.
But many of us have not given up hope. We believe change is inevitable and Eritrea will realise the promises made by its martyrs.

 #BREAKING: There is heavy war in Oromia region ‘..
These wars which are ‘ very heavy between OLA and the Ethiopian central government army ‘ and the Oromia regions, the wars going on in the west of Guji region are reported to have been caused by a loss of a lot of it ‘ OLa is all over it He said they killed the leader of peace in Galana district, in the west of Guji, Mr. Jarso Bakalo, also said they killed ‘ many soldiers ‘ and other officials with ‘ Leadership..
On the other hand the Oromia administration has also announced that they have died in that war in Galana district and several other people who are part of the special police of Oromia.
OLA’s armed forces are fighting against the federal government of Ethiopia while they are expanding themselves ‘ in general Oromia.
• Ogaadenia media media

Sources in the Amhara region that told Media Ogaadenia that yesterday the long road that is closed in Addis Ababa and Gojjjam ‘….
Armed fire is reportedly closed the road with ‘ other side s’ and they are saying ‘ civilians ‘ who fought ‘ because ‘ the road is completely closed.

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