Eritrea, Africa’s gulag state, is on the march

Eritrea, Africa’s gulag state, is on the march

President Issaias Afwerki is fanning war and undermining democracy across the region

(Economist)–It is an unlikely pairing. Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia’s prime minister, is young, charismatic and says he is committed to democracy in Africa’s second-most-populous country. Until war erupted in November in Tigray, a northern region, he was a darling of the world. In 2019 he won the Nobel peace prize for ending a war with Eritrea. Yet he is now knee-deep in blood alongside Eritrea’s president, Issaias Afwerki, an ageing dictator who locks up dissidents in shipping crates in the desert.

When the two leaders met to sign a peace deal in 2018, many hoped their reconciliation would reshape the region. Abiy was liberalising Ethiopia, releasing political prisoners and freeing the press. Some thought Issaias might learn from his new friend. Outsiders rushed to encourage the thaw. The un lifted an arms embargo (imposed because of Eritrea’s support for jihadists in Somalia). Western donors poured in cash. Eritrea’s decades of isolation seemed about to end. “Love is greater than modern weapons like tanks,” declared Abiy on his first visit to Asmara, Eritrea’s capital.

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2 thoughts on “Eritrea, Africa’s gulag state, is on the march

  1. Historically speaking , A tripartite agreement brought together government, employers’ associations, industry and trade unions in an effort to reduce unemployment,in regulating work and welfare through corporatist arrangements , and along with educational and commercial goals. We could give you a couple of tripartite agreements made between Denmark, the Netherlands and Austria. Besides, Germany, Italy, and Japan signed a tripartite agreement in Berlin on 27 September 1940.

    However, the tripartite agreement made between Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea was complelely something else , and far beyond the above reasons in an efffort to tackle their respective societal challengs and common socio-econmic matters.

    Tripartite Agreement between Eritrea, Ethiopia & Somalia provides for, inter alia in various political, social and economical issues. Considering that the peoples of Ethiopia, Somalia,and Eritrea share close ties of geography, history, culture, and religion as well as vital common interests.

    They come to a consensus to advances the goals of their people, build close political, economic, social, cultural and security ties,to promote regional peace and security, establish a Joint High-Level Committee to coordinate their efforts in the framework of this Joint Declaration .

    Dear Readers, Don’t stop at the face value of the words in the above agreement. As the actions of these three leaders speaks louder than their words in this pact, they agreed to exterminate Tigray using three weapons:Bullet, Hunger and rape !!

    The leaders of these three countries should face the consequences of their actions and Tigray should be an independent country . We could no longer call them our leaders those who waged war on our family and all Tegarus at large . Furhermore, We cannot accept the religious leaders who collaborate with these leaders and support their ethnic cleansing agenda in the cloak of defeating a handful TPLF leaders . Speaking in terms of eccesiastical or canonical laws of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church , these religious leaders couldn’t claim to have to possess the religious authority that was bestowed upon them to administer the church , since they unlawfully implemented godly and sacred ecclesiastical power against the laity and Church.They donot only chose to remain silent while the laity and priests of EOTC got massacred , but also they confer their blessings upon Ethiopian soldiers , fanos and amhara militia . In Addition, they supported the campaign materially.
    ጁንታ ተደመሰሰ እልል በሉ ምዕመናን ሲሉ የተደመጡ አባት ነበሩ፥፥ያለንበት ማህበረሰብ የሚደግፈው መስሎ ከተሰማን አምላካዊ ቃልን በመጣስ ወደ ኋላ እንደማይሉ አሳይተውናል፥፥እንዚህን አባቶች ሰምተውና ተከለትው ሰው ሞተ ብለው ቅፅረ ቤክርስቲያን ውሥጥ እልል የሚሉ የሚያመልኩትን አምላክ ትተው ለሰይጣን ና ለፈቃዱ የተገዙ መሆናቸውን እናያለን፥፥

    በኀይለ አምላክ ትግራይ ትስዕር !!!!


    በኤርትራ ና ትግራይ መካከል ያለው ርቀት በመድፍ ና በታንክ ነው የሚለካው(ዳንኤል ክስረት(ህስረት=ኮሰረት))
    አልሰማንም እንዳትሉ በኢሊመንተሪ ክላስ የተማራችሁት ኪሎ ፥ሜትር ሄክታር ወዘተ ሳይሆን ርቀት በታንክ ና በመድፍ መለካት እንዳለበት ኣቶ ድራጎን ዳንኤል አስተምረዋል፥፥ላልሰማ አሰሙ፥ቪዶውን ተመልከቱ፥፥

  2. Eritreans were enslaved by Italy and still enslaved by Italy and the rest of the world.

    Do eritreans know law or whatever other than acting primitively among themselves and other society ?
    one britishman told, an eritrean man was seen putting a sponge to his mouth ; he mistook it for cotton candy.

    Eritreans are savage and bloody criminals .The saddest story to share with you.

    Eritrean refugee ‘rapes a 79-year-old woman in a CEMETERY in Germany while she was visiting her sister’s grave’ Pensioner, who lives in nursing home, was attacked in Ibbenbueren at 6am Suspect, 40, has lived in Germanysince 2013 He has been charged with rape and is in police custody

    A Hungarian women was attacked and raped by three Eritrean men in the German town of Mühlhausen

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