EPRDF will take measures that compensate for public grievances

EPRDF will take measures that compensate for public grievances

Addis Ababa, January 3, 2018 (FBC) -The Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) will strive to compensate for the public grievances by taking practical measures, Chairpersons of the four national member organizations of the Front said.

The Chairpersons held today a press conference about the 17 days evaluation meeting the Executive Committee of EPRDF had conducted.

It is in the backdrop of this meeting described as “nothing under the sun was left undisguised” and which issued 8 points resolution by reaching unity of thought that lay the foundation for the practical measures, it was noted.

According to the Chairpersons, the 17-day deliberation in which every problem and challenge was discussed has helped to create unity of thought and laid the foundation for future measures.

Chairpersons of ANDM, OPDO, SEPDM and TPLF said all the national parties have come out as victorious and they took full responsibility for the current problems.

They affirmed that the Executive Committee, which took responsibility for the problems that occurred in the country, is in good position to take rectifying measures.

Noting that unity of thought is the basis for practical unity, the leaders said the Executive Committee has already started to identify problems that need urgent response.

Chairperson of SEPDM and EPRDF, Hailemariam Desalegn said the deliberation was ‘historic’ as the Committee has managed to undergo a thorough appraisal and finally create unity of thought.

Deputy Chairperson of ANDM and EPRDF, Demeke Mekonen said the Committee has noted that the problems the Executive Committee has identified is common in all the four national parties.

He emphasized the thought of unity led to the decision to translate the resolutions into action.

OPDO Chairperson, Lema Megersa pointed out that the identification of problems that would enable it to maintain a healthy situation within the party is the most important thing.

Lema highlighted that problems which could undermine the stability of the country were discussed individually and in groups.

TPLF Chairperson, Debretsion Gebreegziabher said the recent appraisal has helped to discuss issues that have been left undigested during previous in-depth appraisals.

He acknowledged that problems and limitations were discussed rigorously and differences resolved in the 17-day deliberation.