Eenyummaan Abiy Ahmed Ali DCtti haalaan ifee jira.

Eenyummaan Abiy Ahmed Ali  DCtti haalaan ifee jira. Oromoon mormiif ba’e; Nafxanyaan immoo akkasitti Abiyiin deggeruuf manaa yaate!

#AbiyNafxanyaa dha.

Mathewos T. Debela

Obbo Lammaa USA
አቶ ለማ በ አሜሪካ
— feeling crazy.

Ilaalaa Oromookoo waan habashaan gaafachuutti kaate. Erga Hacee ajjeesanii, hayyoota keenya mana hidhaatti ugguranii gaaffii jijjiiranii jiru. Amma kan isaan hafe sirna feedaraalizimii diiguudha . Ilaalaa waan Yonatan TR fi #Abel_Wabella gaafachaa jiran harree nafxanyaa Abiyyiin.

Musa Tebu

Ethiopia digaamuf daqiqaa murasaatu haafee
Sher walif godhaa

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  1. Abiy Ahmed has never hidden his anti-Oromo and pro naftagna/ neo-naftagna ambitions.

    It is difficult to understand why some Oromos are sleepwalking, hoping that Abiy Ahmed would suddenly turn into Oromo and promote Oromo cause and interests. Mind you, it is not a matter of a person being Oromo by blood. The Oromo people, like any people in the world, have had gantuu and galtuu individuals who have put enemy objectives before the cause of their people, and inflicted untold miseries on the people they come from. We mustn’t worry about Abiy Ahmed’s Oromo blood line too much. His deeds are what need to be critically evaluated in order to determine whether he champions Oromo cause or whether he advances naftagna agenda, being the front man of the neo-naftagna regime. Abiy may have Oromo blood circulating in his body, however, it must be underlined that he has proved himself to be the most dangerous anti-Oromo naftagna ever existed. He came to power using the Oromo as stepping stone, and kicked off the stepping stone, choosing to float on naftagna myths of “past glorious Ethiopia”. He has taken on the naftagna mission of destroying the great Oromo people and the ambitions of nation nationalities of Ethiopia. That is simply what it is!

    Wake up Oromo! Wake up nation nationalities of Ethiopia! Menilik is reincarnated; the naftagna system is reimposed with all its ugly faces of subjugation.


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