Duulli “Anis Jaal Abdii Ragaasaadha,” Jaal Abdii Raggaasaa atattamaan Hiikkamuu qaba jedhu guutummaa Oromiyaafi Lafa Oromoon jiru cufatti itti fufuu qaba!

#Duulli “Anis Jaal #Abdii_Ragaasaadha,” Jaal Abdii Raggaasaa atattamaan Hiikkamuu qaba jedhu guutummaa Oromiyaafi Lafa Oromoon jiru cufatti itti fufuu qaba!!
Anis Jaal #Abdii_Ragaasaa dha!!
#Free Jaal Abdi Ragassaa asoon as!!

Ibsa Negassa Wegassa


  1. Absolutely! “We are all Abdii Raggaassaa”, and incarcerating and keeping Oromo political leader incommunicado must be met with decisive resistance. The great Oromo people must act in unison in support of detained Oromo politicians, including Jaal Abdii Raggaassaa, and teach the repressive Ethiopian government that “business as usual” in handling political issues will not work anymore.

    I have no doubt that the Oromo, qeerroo and qarree have the capacity to achieve the immediate release of Oromo prisoners of conscience by devising strategies and leading organized campaigns, effectively. Martin Luther King, reflecting on what made their civil rights movements so effective wrote that:

    “A generation of young people has come out of decades of shadows to face naked state power; it has lost its fears, and experienced the majestic dignity of a direct struggle for its own liberation. These young people have connected up with their own history – ….”

    Similarly, the Oromo new generation, qeerroo and qarree who had the resolve to face the EPRDF Ethiopian government killer forces, during the recent “Oromo protests”, were united around their common just cause, and were victorious to force the fascist government to kneel down. Nevertheless, their victory was hijacked by the Afaan Oromo speaking neo-neftegna, who changed masters and committed to reinstating the neftegna system. We are clearly back to square one, and are witnessing the sufferings of our people again. Qeerroo and Qarree, PP cadres who are using criminal security forces to terroze your villages must be resisted in all forms. Look around; your brothers and sisters who hoped that they were going to be free citizens in their ancestral land are filling up the neo-neftegna prisons for simply supporting political parties of their choices. Above all, a war is waged against the Oromo people by the Ethiopian government. However, the government’s acts of violence must serve you as a fuel to wage organized resistance rather than deterring you from standing up for your just causes. Martin Luther King, continuing his reflection on how the civil rights movements were working remarked “our movement aroused the Negro to a spirited pitch in which more than 5 percent of the Negro population voluntarily went to jail. At the same time, about 95 percent of the Negro population boycotted buses, and shops, where humiliation, not service, was offered. The buses were off the streets and rusting in garages, and the line went out of business. Other merchants watched the sales of their goods decline week by week. …” Finally, the civil rights movements achieved their objectives through nonviolent means. Serious leaders and people who are determined to free themselves always win.

    Oromo leaders, qeerroo and qarree, use your immense power nonviolently, reading each other and acting in unison against any form of repression. Consider the mistreatments, killings, arrests, tortures and disappearances of any Oromo as your own. If you choose dignity to humiliation, freedom to repression, justice to injustice and have the right leaders who are ready to fully involve and lead you, the Ethiopian tyranny will give in to your just demands shortly.

    “No one can ride on the back of a man unless it is bent”! – Mahatma Gandhi

  2. Now we are living in a situation that we against in previous (TPLF),they are continuing to killing, arresting without any charge, displacing &etc
    All of this are daily practiced on Oromoo people.

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