Dr. Tsegaye Ararssa on Addis Ababa Who own Addis Ababa?

Dr. Tsegaye Ararssa on Addis Ababa  Who own Addis Ababa?

The birds throwing at the shotguns or in Spanish los pajaros tirandole a las escopetas.

In the countries like Ethiopia where corruption is the way to short cut to become a billionaire,

public ownership + dictatorship = CORRUPTION, exploitation and dispossession.

Then, this forns a country that lives with its own ghosts of dispossession and displacement of its citizens.

Currently in Ethiopia we have many TPLF members who became multibillionaires because of this short cut. These government officials consider themselves small kings each, while most of the Ethiopian people have become poorer. The number of poor continues to rise year after year.

When it comes to the Oromo people, the problem is even worse; starting with the discrimination against an employment, home ownership, land grabbing by force, etc. The justification for not to employ Oromo in the federal government is a pretext of language, where Oromo constitutes 34.5% of the Ethiopian population.  Afaan Oromo supposed to be one of the federal working languages, which is fair and has happened in many countries in the world. The TPLF regime effectively created every barrier not to qualify Oromo for the federal government jobs for almost three decades.

The only viable alternative for the Oromo nation that can save it from further exploitation of its natural resource is Public-Private Partnership that requires large participation of Oromos.