#Dr.Tsegaye Ararssa: A Dangerous Proposition

A Dangerous Proposition

Abiy’s attempt to side step the constitution (by defying, ignoring, suspending, or ‘reinterpreting’ it) is a step towards his own undoing. It’s a suicidal move. (This is good, as far as I am concerned.)

But for Ethiopia, it is a dangerous proposition. His attempt to undo the multinational federal arrangement enshrined in the constitution, all in the name of unity, is causing a disunity that may ultimately lead to the dismemberment of the polity. And that, through violence.

His personal engagement in acts of massive human rights violations (political assassinations, indiscriminate killings and summary executions, arbitrary arrests and mass detentions, tortures, political/genocidal rape, use of terror tactics such as razing houses and entire hamlets to the ground, political kidnappings, violent repression of journalists and media outlets, weaponization of the law and legal institutions to suppress dissent, persecuting political dissidents into exile, attacking them through its embassies and henchmen in their host countries, bribing and colluding with social media platforms to to gag and suppress activism, etc, etc) are all too well documented to let him enjoy impunity.

His careless, often antinomian, rhetoric is causing divisions that provoke nothing less than a civil war.

Through his (speech) acts, Abiy is leading the country into a hellish madness. Along the way, he is also taking himself a step further into his own abyss. (Shall we say ‘God speed’?!?)

In fact, in a crucial political sense, Abiy is already the past. Il’est passé. What is left now is the work of removing him from power (in order to make him completely the past in the more objective sense).

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  1. Indeed, Dr Tsegaye Ararssa!

    By willfully choosing to subscribe to naftagna ideals of subjugating the great Oromo people and nation nationalities of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed has inflicted untold sufferings to the over 80 nations of Ethiopia, who entrusted him with temporary mandate to transmit them from repressive autocracy to genuine multinational federation democracy.Nevertheless, he surrounded himself by hellbent anti-Oromo naftagna ideologues and embarked on destroying the Oromo as a nation and reversing the federational arrangements the Ethiopian peoples agreed in their latest constitution. He has shown extreme naivety to the aspirations of our people, and embarked on destroying Oromummaa, which has grown and cemented in our hearts and minds, like roots of oak tree which grow slowly and deep making it exceptionally strong. Whilst we never forget his role as a spy, who infiltrated the Oromo camp to identify and eliminate Oromo nationalists during TPLF’s 27 years reign, his current dangerous mission of erasing Oromummaa and destroying the Oromo as a nation is unforgivable.

    Definitely, the great Oromo people from all walks of life, old and young, rich and poor, urban and rural, formally educated or otherwise, from all religious and secular backgrounds will act in unison and stop him in his buds. He can never succeed in erasing Oromummaa and destroying our nation. Period!

    The Oromo people and nation nationalities of Ethiopia will never allow Abiy Ahmed and his neo-naftagna regime to undo their constitution and reincarnate and impose Menilik’s wishes on them, despite the government sanctioned violence and sufferings they are subjected to. In fact, the more violence the regime uses to suppress the rights of the peoples in Empire Ethiopia, the more resolute and determined they become to assert themselves and fight back. Qeerroo and qarree who forced the Ethiopian regime to its knees two years ago are more determined and focused, today, to defeat the neo-naftagna regime and ascertain the freedom of our people. As Martin Luther King once remarked, “… there is nothing more majestic than the determined courage of individuals willing to suffer and sacrifice for their freedom and dignity”, and no amount violence by the rogue regime can stop people from demanding and achieving their freedom.

    Thus, the great Oromo people and nation nationalities must cooperate around their just causes of self-determination and dismantle the naftagna system, and achieve their inalienable freedoms and live in peace and dignity as nations.

    Oromia shall be free!
    Abiy Ahmed must go!
    The naftagna system must be dismantled!
    Freedom and justice for the Ethiopian nation nationalities!

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