Dr. Haylee Fidaa ‘Hirmaata dubbii Afaan Oromoo’ irraa kan fudhatame

Walaloo seenaa ajaa’ibaa himtu tana kitaaba bara 1973 Dr. Haylee Fidaa ‘Hirmaata dubbii Afaan Oromoo’ irraa kan fudhatame.

Dudda qullaa nu yaabu
akkuma fardeensaanii
Dhandha qullaa nu dhaanu
akkuma nadheensaanii
Otuu akka garaa keenyaa
Biyyi kunis kan keenyaa
Jaraan walqixxee teenya
Inni jenne hin didamee
Harkatu nu hidhamee
Ajjeechaa didhaa taatee
Ajjeefnaan hidhaa taatee
Alaa zabiin nu eegdee
Manaa tafkiin nu reebde!

Haylee Fidaa

Via Ferhan Abdulselam

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  1. Understanding TPLF – the current Ethiopian ruling mafia is not that complex. Starting their formation as an avenging and retaliatory force in the northern mountains of the country they did set their eyes on carrying out even scores on the Ethiopians ruling dynasties who they believed to have wronged them systematically. After capturing the palace in Finfinee, they expanded their zest and passion for more power and possession. They no longer limited to revenge, but crossed unto depleting the Nation’s human and material resources. In the journey they lost their way to normalcy. They became too inflated and continued justifying unjustifiable deeds.

    As for the Nation of Oromia, TPLF learned nothing from the past chaos they created that instigated the Qubee- Freedom generation to ignite the Nation-wide resistances of the people of Oromia. In-fact, it is the nature of the TPLF to bite more than they can chew and swallow. Their early life journey events through impoverishment and deprivation have sealed their human dignity and had fixated them on committing inhuman hideous crimes on the peaceful Nation of Oromia scavenging the natural and material belongings of this Nation as there is no tomorrow.

    What they did not, and will never have is the capacity to comprehend the ticking points the Nation of Oromia. As TPLF failed to learn from Finfinee’s Master Plan saga, they continue digging their own graves by messing with afaan Oromoo. As for the Nation of Oromia, and its vanguard – the Qeerroo/Qubee generation are determined more vivacious to defend Qubee’s survival and continued triumph, TPLF remains that arrogant to comprehend or predict what is hovering over their head.

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