Down Down Abiy, Down Down OPDO!! Instead of stopping the ongoing slaughter, Dr. Abiy and OPDO concocted another fake political charade

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Down Down Abiy, Down Down OPDO!! Instead of stopping the ongoing slaughter, Dr. Abiy and OPDO concocted another fake political charade

By Abba Orma (PhD), October 2, 2019

Dr. Abiy’s government is on life support and fake agreement through intimidation and scare tactics should not save it and will not save it!

The news coming out of Oromia is grim. Innocent Oromos are killed, especially Oromos in Wallaga and Guji zones of Oromia are suffering the most. Mothers are mourning the killings of their child in disbelief, fathers are worried about the looming Abiy/OPDO created famine, students are scared to leave their homes. Life is on stop by Dr. Abiy’s command posts. It is no coincidence that the region is under military occupation since Dr. Abiy and Lamma gathered their cadres and unsuspecting Oromo elders and declared war on Wallaga.

Dr. Abiy is trying to keep together a fragile empire and as a result his government is on life support. In a recent, interview the PM unveiled his intention to repeat election of 2005 (1997 EC) massacre if it takes killings to win in the upcoming election. For him killing human being for politics is business as usual.  He has done it for decades and he is doing it now.

Most OPDO’s and government employees are looking over their shoulder not to be the last to jump off the sinking ship. Dr. Abiy abandoned Oromos. In fact, he has never been with the Oromo people to begin with and their cry for justice. He worships Neftanyaas. He is closer to Berhanu Nega and Neftanyaas than Oromo politicians and organizations. He alienated the Oromo people and showed disrespect and no remorse to the Oromo people cry for justice, for the thousands killed, amputees, millions displaced and still dying under deplorable conditions.  He hired people who openly took oath of politics to destroy Oromummaa and the federal structure that the Oromo people and other peoples of Ethiopia fought and died for. Ever since he moved into the palace, he is preoccupied enacting to become Menelik III and/or H/Sillase II.

The Oromo people gave him and OPDO second chance and in return got massacres after massacres and insult after insult from the Prime himself all the way down. He called the Oromo people and especially Qeerroo and Qarree “Menga”. He elevated this characterization to the Nationally televised event through his hit man, clapped with passion as Oromos are insulted and compared to “dogs” on national television. The PM seems not to understand that power comes from the people that he likes to call “Menga”.

As we all know EPRDF is now history. Dr. Abiy and OPDO are joining hands with Nefxanyaas calling themselves “The Ethiopian Development Party” to bring back and maintain Menelik’s Ethiopia. The Oromo people have already rejected Dr. Abiy and OPDO’s politics clear and loud and making course corrections.

It apparently clear to many observers that this government has seen its best days behind and the country is headed to an unknown territory. What is clear is the days of individuals or group of people dictate on the Oromo people is gone for good. What is also clear is the Oromo people will control their country and decide on their future without kneeling down to any group or person. They have the power and do not need to kneel down to Habesha nor OPDO and Dr. Abiy!

The most recent peace accord shenanigan comes on the eve of the great Irreechaa festival in Finfinneee. It is clear the Oromo people rejected Dr. Abiy and his politics. His zealous supporters cannot distance themselves from him fast enough. They are abandoning him in droves! As a result, he is hurt and hurting innocent Oromo people.

Once again when he is in crises, he appeals to his hit men to concoct a fake diversion. What happened yesterday was no different. This is nothing new and it is meant to divert the Oromo people from the massacre.

We all are for a genuine and lasting cessation of hostilities among Oromo groups, particularly between OLF/WBO and ODP but this is yet another charade to buy time. To pass Irreechaa and go back to business as usual. They will start herding people to military camps once the Irreechaa is over and as Oromos head to their localities.

In this case, the only reason this happened is because of OPDO is scares of the Oromo people and meant to divert attention from

  1. The ongoing massacre in Wallaga and Guji zone of Oromia
  2. The rejection of Dr. Abiy’s politic s by the Oromo people
  3. The rejection of OPDO/ODP by the Oromo people.
  4. Because of this, OPDO is shitting in their pants as millions of Oromos to be gathered in Finfinnee for Irreechaa festival.
  5. To hide the fact that they still are holding up decision by the election board to certify the Oromo Liberation Front (The OLF) to participate in the upcoming election past 90 days they are legally required.
  6. Abiy and OPDO’s government is on life support and needed life support.

The choice in front of the Oromo people is one and only one. That is to stand with the OLF and WBO and protect Oromia and her people and complete the liberation of Oromia and its people. Then inter into an earnest negotiation about the future with other nations and nationalities of the country.


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