Don’t stop the struggle before crossing the finish line:

Don’t stop the struggle before crossing the finish line:

By Ibsaa Guutama
All the contempt for the Oromo by nafxanyaa simpletons we observe these days, is because every time we did not take our struggle to the finish. We settle down before dismantling the empire. Because we did not do that, the inbuilt nafxanyaa system easily attracts the weak among us and use them against own people. During WWII a well-known official of Norge Vidkum Quisling failed them by befriending Nazi invaders when patriots of his country chose to resist.
After fall of Nazi his end was also not good. His name quisling went into English dictionary to mean traitor. They are also their quislings (goobanaas) in service of the enemy that are dimming and distorting Oromo dreams and identity. In the last two years there was no day when nafxanyaa agents did not kill and abuse our people and those in old colonies extrajudicially, set settlers against the indigenous expecting disastrous consequences. All for interest of groups that want to revers history.
One such genocide took place when Amaaraa activists massacred hundreds of Gumus and buried them in one grave. Such practice is getting frequented in the empire. However, pushed they may be Oromo do not entertain xenophobia. Settlers in Oromiyaa have never been treated as aliens by the Oromo. Momentarily Oromo have no power to protect them from external abusers’ machination. That is why Abiy’s spies killed innocent farmers in Gaanqaa and walked away safely putting the blame on peoples’ forces.
Before the killers were known the conspirators started accusing the Oromo for it. Even their parliament spent the day condemning ONAG Shanee and TPLF to be hanged. Had it been an institution common to all of us, they would not have condemned Oromo before gathering information and proving beyond doubt. Because the matter was planned ahead of time It did not take the nafxanyaa to rise together and shade false tears only for Amaaraa among the victims.
When danger severe than that befell Qimaant, Oromo, Wala’ita, Konsoo, Benishangul Gumus they didn’t utter a word. All are liars and traitors. ONAG Shanee (if that means OLF) etc. are organizations loved by their people. All understand that hating their organization means hating the peoples.
Now the resoluteness of Qeerroo in calling protest under the nose of Command Post have scared them. As a diversion from this they gathered destitute people and massacred them blaming OLF behind whom they say is TPLF. It was one of the reasons they declared war to punish Tigray. OLF and TPLF are rivals not subservient to each other.
Though they are closer in world outlook, they are more enemies than friends. To forcefully pull them together and get them hated and attacked, for them amounts to assaulting the federal system. Tigray now is a model for federal state for nations nationalities and peoples. They cannot ally with a maturing dictator and march against them. Amaaraa elites in trying to restore nafxanyaa system are driving Amaraa masses who are living in peace and throw them into fire. For the poor Amaara what does it lose if Walqaayit is in Amaaraa region or in Tigray both are pats of Old Ethiopia. Northern command in Tigray is a force common to all federated. Since there is no legitimate federal government from among the EPRDF TPLF has legitimate right to control it.
It was ridiculous for Abiy to claim being more Ethiopian than Tigray. If he leaves Ethiopia for Ethiopians, they know how to handle each other. He should know that he is Goobana for them and the end of Goobana is not enviable. Peoples that favor federalism are nearer to Tigray in interest, outlook and objectives than to Isaayyaas and Bilxiginnaa. Therefore, the declared war is wrong, it is he who came to them, not them to him; he has to stop it, resign from office and make peace. All have to know, if Tigray is defeated by neo-nafxanyaa it means the defeat of freedom and the right of self-determination. Abiy’s dreams will also be aborted. Don’t stop until you dismantle the empire.
Oromiyaan haa jiraattu!

#Ethiopia 22 terror suspects arrested for plotting to attack multiple cities.
(Credit: EBC)


Koloneel Gammachuu Ayyaanaa 

ጀግኒት ንግስት ይርጋ መሳሪያ አንስታለች! “አማራ አሸባሪ አይደለም!” የሚል ቲቸርት በመልበሷ ምክንያት ጥፍሮቿን በጉጠት የነቀለው፣ በዘርሯና በሴትነቷ ክብርሯንና ስብዕናዋን ያዋረደው፣ አስሮ የደበደባትና ሰቆቃ የፈጸመባት ህወሃት መሆኑ አይዘነጋም። እግዚአብሔር ከክፉ ይጠብቅሽ ጀግኒት!

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