Do not beg Abiy and his low lives to grant freedom to our political prisoners or to secure our destiny.

Do not beg Abiy and his low lives to grant freedom to our political prisoners or to secure our destiny.

We can fight to secure both. How? Support those who are already on the mission of liberating Oromia. Do you hear anyone else begging this mafia for their freedom? No! Because they understand when they gain what they have lost. They can free their people in one breath.
Oromia special forces who feel like protecting Oromia and their people, join WBO. There is no need for you to go and fight a war you gain nothing from. If any of you decide to go fight, know that you are fighting for the system working to erase you, your culture, your language and your core identity “Oromummaa.”
The rest of us should only engage in the agenda of liberation. We have endured so much to try to make an empire built on our bones work for us. The last 3 years of our lives have cemented the idea that we cannot live peacefully as people in this empire no matter how hard we tried. So, normalize liberation and make that our only goal. We can and we must unit on this from to curve a country worthy of our beautiful ways of life built on mutual respect, Gada system and true democracy grounded in our ancestral wisdom. Enough is enough.
Home is Oromia
The land of Gada system

Najat Hamza

OLF’s Lammi Benya and Dawit Abdeta were abducted from prison by Oromia security. Their whereabouts are unknown for 2nd day. As a family, we’re concerned about their safety.
ኦጌቲ ሓበን እቴጌ Genocide Watch to demand Ethio govt their whereabout.

Dabessa Gemelal


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  1. My sentiment too Najat! Thanks for posting a good and timely reminder for all of us! The days of acquiescing to Nefxagna wishes and ‘bending backwards’ to appeal to the ‘good grace’ of Amhara rulers and their messengers for that which is RIGHTFULLY ours is over! An Independent Oromo Republic, Conceived in Liberty for All Her Citizens, IS THE ONLY WAY FORWARD!

    Long Live the Oromo Liberation Army!

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