ONLF: Disinformation about Abdikarin’s refoulement to TPLF by Farmajo

ONLF Press Release Disinformation about Abdikarin’s refoulement to TPLF-led Ethiopian regime by the Somali regime of Farmajo

September 2, 2017

Disinformation(Ogaden News Agency) — On August 28, 2017  Mr Abdikarin Sheikh Muse,  an executive committee member of the ONLF, who advocates for the rights of Somali people in Ogaden was illegally handed over to the TPLF led regime in Ethiopia.

Mr Muse was arrested by the regional security of Galkacyo, the Galmudug regional state in central Somalia and then transferred to Mogadishu where he was held by the Somali National Security until the president of Somalia and his Prime Minister ordered the Chief of Security to hand him transferred to Mogadishu where he was held by the Somali National Security until the president of Somalia and his Prime Minister ordered the Chief of Security to hand him over  to Ethiopia.

This illegal and vile act created great upheaval among the Somali people all over the world, including within the Somali government, parliament and other institutions, questioning the credibility and continued legitimacy of the Farmajo administration.

At first, the culprits chose to be silent and deny the extra-ordinary rendition of Mr. Muse. However, the  Somali regime’s complicity and duplicity were exposed when the ONLF issued a statement which  the TPLF regime Information minister confirmed to  the VOA Amharic service by stating that the ‘Somali government’ has handed them an ONLF member and further claimed that ONLF is a ‘terrorist organization.’

This forced the Regime in Mogadishu to send a secret top level delegation to Ethiopia and request that the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF)  dominated Ethiopian regime to change its story and claim that Mr. Muse willingly surrendered to Ethiopia and that the role of the Somali ‘government was to facilitate the transfer and negotiation.

Thus, the TPLF regime blow the their cover off; and in a humiliating manner reduced the Somali ‘government’ to the role of a criminal facilitator.

Reliable sources inside the Somali Cabinet has confirmed to us that the regime has now commissioned a massive disinformation service that spans both countries. The First one is to torture, drug and threat Mr. A. Muse and force him to claim on that he willingly came to Ethiopia . The second attempt is to harass and attack all those who raised their voices in the Somali republic and the final one is to sacrifice the head of Security and dismiss him as a last resort in order to save the regime.

Mr. Abdikarin Sh. Muse was victim who human rights was violated by both regimes in the Horn of Africa and ONLF has obtained a video of Mr. Muse while the Somali Security are preparing him for rendition. ONLF has also obtained pictures of him in detention and being transferred to Ethiopia while shackled to a post.

We call upon the Somali constitutional bodies, in particular both houses of the Somali parliament to investigate this matter with outmost urgency as it would have serious and far reaching implications for the unity and sovereignty of the Somali nation.

ONLF calls upon UNSOM and the AU to conduct a full investigation regarding this issue since it is responsible for safeguarding Human Rights of the all Somali people and others currently in Somalia and has an obligation to uphold  the UN charter, the declaration of Human rights and the African human rights charter for all those who  are in the Somali territory they operate.

We also call upon the Somali people and the people in Ethiopia to hold their ‘governments’ accountable. Finally we call upon the ICRC to follow the case of the victim

Issued by Ogaden National Liberation Front

Inclu.  Video; picture of Mr. Abdikarin Sh Muse