Did the collusion between Ginbot-7, Dr. Berhanu and PM Abiy Ahmed force Lamma Megersa to flee the country?

Did the collusion between Ginbot-7, Dr. Berhanu and PM Abiy Ahmed force Lamma Megersa to flee the country?

By Abba Orma, PhD, July 31, 2019

Lemma Megersa (L) and Teyiba Hassan

Facebook is engulfed by the rumor t/news that Obbo Lamma Megersa has thrown the white towel and left the country for the United States with his wife and children.

What do we know? Here are what we with certainty;

First, it is well known that Obbo Lamma has serious health challenge. He has been traveling back and forth to Germany for treatment.

Second, currently he is in the United States with his wife and children surrounded by friends and supporters for nearly two weeks in a house he owns. If you are concerned about his well-being. No worry he is in good hands!

Beyond these, I doubt if he shared his plan with anyone. Why would he? But given the circumstances, it has all the hallmark of someone looking for permanent resettlement outside the country.  He has been waving the white towel for some time now. So, it is expected for the rumor to get some attractions.

To me Lamma Megersa left the ring long ago. Whether he is looking at an alternative is immaterial. Probably the only relevance to Dr. Abiy who is using him as a condom, a shield from the Oromo people. The demotion of Lemma Megersa from the president of Oromia to a clerical position at the Defense Minster and his deputy Teyiba Hassan caught many by surprise then and to this date. His supporter have been pushing him to leave Abiy’s government since then. They might have gotten their wish finally or maybe not. But there has been a revolt from within the OPDO between Team Lamma and the newly assembled Team Abiy. Since their demotion, it has been like a pressure cooker waiting to burst. May be the time has come.

Dr. Abiy Ahmed admires Ginbot-7 (Dr. Birhanu Nega and Andargachew Tsige)

What is not to be forgotten here is the fact that Dr. Abiy is willingly passed on the revolution he and his team hijacked to Dr. Berhanu and Ginbotg-7. Until recently, many have been wondering whether Dr. Berhanu Naga of Ginbot -7 is an opportunist or there is more to this unholy relation between him and PM Abiy Ahmed.  At every important meeting, Dr. Berhanu sits in a front sit normally reserved for close confidants and higher officials. Dr. Berhanu was one of the nominees for the position of foreign minister. He is on the board of Addis Ababa University. In a meeting of professionals held at Addis Ababa University, Dr. Abiy went out of his way to shower Dr. Berhanu with praises and at the same time trashed the rest including Dr. Merera Gudina. In return, Dr. Berhanu dismantled ESAT and promoted those supporting Dr. Abiy’s agenda while dismissing the rest. Dr. Berhanu’s wing is now getting financial backings from Dr. Abiy’s government.

Dr. Berhanu has access to the PM unlike anyone including prominent Oromo political leaders. Dr. Berhanu is a day to day fixture. The PM has the right to surround himself with people he likes. But, the question Oromo people are asking is who propelled Dr. Abiy to the Menelik palace? Is it not our children’s blood?

Dr. Berhanu and Ginbot-7 are the architect of the war on Oromummaa that is endorsed by Dr. Abiy and being under implementation. He is also behind the demotion of Oromos who have shown compassion for their people in ODP including Obbo Lamma and Teyiba. Finally, the puzzle is solved when Ato Andargachew Tsige of Ginbot-7 proudly declared that PM Abiy Ahmed is executing their blueprint, the roadmap designed and given to him by his party.

Sadly, Oromos on both sides of the Oromo political spectrum have lost to Ginbot -7 thanks to OPDO and Dr. Abiy. Both sides are now coming to the conclusion that supporting Dr. Abiy’s administration in its current path is supporting Ginbot-7’s agenda of dismantling Oromia and the federal structure and going back to One Ethiopia, one language and Ginbot-7 flag.

Dr. Berhanu and Amhara elites are using PM Abiy Ahmed’s ambition to be a king of Ethiopia to their advantage. He is beholden to them in order to fulfill his ambition.

Therefore, in mist of all of the crimes and dramas, if Obbo Lamma and Teyiba decide not to throw the white towel and not be used as a shield for the Abiy’s administration from the Oromo people and in search of a peaceful life in the USA, they should be welcomed and applauded by all Minnesotan biking and shown the ropes.

I am ready to greet him as a fellow exile and look forward for a liberator to get us back to Oromia before we die in biyyaa ambaa!