Dhimma Nageenyaa – Lammaa Magarsaa Walgahii Caffee har’aa

Dhimma Nageenyaa – Lammaa Magarsaa Walgahii Caffee har’aa

Obbo Leencoo Lataa

When foreigners come to Ethiopia and discover new species, they jump to names it ”Abyssinian” something. Look at the following list of endemic birds and Fuana that are only found in Bale Mountain National park, most are not even found in Abyssinia but they are called after it anyway. All of these species have local Oromo names, the foreigners who came to the local Baale area would have asked the locals and used the name instead of cooking some unrelated names. Naming new species after ”Abyssinia” still happens even for new discoveries that are far from Abyssinia down south.

Bale Mountain National Park

Wildlife: Mountain Nyala*, Menelik’s Bushbuck*, Ethiopian Wolf*, Lion, Leopard, Bohor Reedbuck, Bale Monkey*, Abyssinian Hare*.

Birds: Blue-winged Goose, Abyssinian cat bird, White Cheeked turaco, Spot-breasted lapwing/plover Yellow-fronted parrot፣ Abyssinian long claw, Ethiopian/black-headed siskin, Roget’s rail, Golden Eagle, Lammergeyer, Abyssinian Wood Pecker