DemocracyWatch: Saudis slaughter Ethiopian refugees at border

DemocracyWatch: Saudis slaughter Ethiopian refugees at border

As a second wave mounts, migrants around the world are being persecuted.

A refugee camp in Yemen | Peter Biro, EU
(opendemocracy)–Saudi border guards killed dozens of Ethiopian refugees in April. But only now are details emerging.

As the pandemic struck in Yemen, Houthi groups forced thousands of Ethiopian migrants to the country’s northern border, claiming the virus as justification. They killed dozens in the process. 

As the survivors arrived at the border, Saudi guards killed dozens more. Others fled into the mountains, spending days without food or water. Hundreds were then allowed into Saudi Arabia, only to be detained in conditions that Human Rights Watch described as “appalling”. 

Around the world, the pandemic is being used to attack democracy, human rights and civil liberties – and, in some cases, human life itself. In this DemocracyWatch newsletter openDemocracy and SourceMaterial gather together cases from around the world. Please do share it with friends. Those with power across the world need to know they are being watched.

Middle East and North Africa

Saudi Arabia/Yemen In April, Houthi soldiers forcibly expelled thousands of Ethiopian migrants using the excuse of the pandemic. Houthis killed dozens of the Ethiopians, and Saudi border guards killed dozens more as they were forced to cross the border.

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US Ahead of the November election, the drilling lobby has poured millions of dollars into Facebook and TV ads claiming natural gas is ‘climate friendly’ while scientists warn that the industry extracting the natural gas is a major threat to the planet.

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