Debunking the Myth that Abiy Ahmed’s Regime Is an Oromo Government

Debunking the Myth that Abiy Ahmed’s Regime Is an Oromo Government


(Ogfonline)–Nothing is more irritating, condescending and despicable than saying to Oromos that Abiy’s regime is their government.

Abiy Ahmed served the TPLF-EPRDF (Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front) regime since his childhood. He joined the TPLF-dominated army at the age of 15, as a child soldier. He was bolted up in the ranks of the military to be a Lt. Colonel. He was one of the founders and the 2nd-man-in-rank of TPLF’s spy agency named INSA (Information Network Security Agency). As one of the top spy agents of TPLF-EPRDF regime, he took part and organized the wiretapping and spying on thousands of Oromo nationals resulting in their elimination or imprisonment. It is this same criminal Abiy that later claimed to be a reformist and came out to hijack the peaceful Oromo protest movement that intensified from 2014 to 2018, and toppled the TPLF-dominated EPRDF in 2018.

Unbeknownst to the Oromo, other peoples of Ethiopia and the whole world, Abiy who was a wolf in sheep’s clothing managed to deceive and receive a Nobel peace prize in 2019 for allegedly making peace with Eritrea. However, the peace deal with Eritrea was later to be used to stifle the voice of his opposition in cooperation with another East African dictator, Isayas Afeworqi.

To make his deceptive drama more exhilarating, at the beginning of his ascending to power, Abiy promised a transparent and peaceful transition to democracy through competitive, free and fair elections. He released political prisoners, allowed all the exiled opposition parties to come back to the country, created a façade of allowing freedom of expression and independent Media. But these rhetoric and deception only stayed until he consolidated his political power. Within few months, he reneged on all his lofty promises and receded back to the goal of restoring the old repressive and inhumane Ethiopia.

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  1. We Eritreans know-
    Yes Ethiopia colonized Eritrea.

    Ethiopia till this day took control of more than half of the Eritrean territory by force.

    Most of the Western part of what is now called the Tigray regional State and all of the territory within what is now called the Amara regional State belongs to Eritrea.

    We Eritreans are currently in the process of reclaiming our territories which Ethiopia invaded and held on this far in a peaceful manner while enforcing international and Eritrean national laws in our territories as needed.

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