Breaking News:Debretsion: “We are in trouble!” -Asmara Rejects TPLF’s Frendships Demand

Breaking News: Debretsion: “We are in trouble!” -Asmara Rejects TPLF’s Frendships Demand.

15 Dec 2017 – Debretsion Gebremichael (pictured) who recently was appointed as TPLF Chairman replacing the outgoing Chairman Abay Weldu said the current political development in the country is worrisome.

Debretsion said TPLF has recognized and accepted some of the criticism other EPRDF member organizations leveled against but the current political development is not sustainable. He said TPLF has no other plan except to face head on the ills of the country along with its partners in the EPRDF and others.

He said about TPLF’s regional foe and former comrade-in-arms (Eritrea), “an eye for an eye is not the solution nor does TPLF has a plan to fight it alone Ethiopia’s internal problems.”

TPLF tries to invoke the ”majority, minority” issue in in a Executive Council that has 9 from each party, at least 30 million Oromos and 4 million Tigreans have same number, 9 from both. To start with, nobody accepts this arrangement. OPDO and ANDM should reject the entire formula of EPRDF.

Note that TPLF has Hailemariam on its side of course and hence the entire southern party.