Faceless, Faithless and Nameless Fascistic Death and Torture Squads of the MLLT a.k.a. the TPLF

Faceless, Faithless and Nameless Fascistic Death and Torture Squads of the MLLT a.k.a. the TPLF

By Fayyeeraa Sobbooksa

Torture SquadsSomeone has recently posted a very wonderful commentary on his Facebook page regarding the naming and shaming of the brutal and Fascistic torture squads who have been severely and brutally torturing Oromo political activists, students, journalists, human rights advocates and all people who have been protesting against the faithless totalitarian regime of the Marxist Leninist League of Tigray. Ma’ikelawwi detention center and torture facility is known by human rights groups as “The Gulag of the 21st century.”

Naming and shaming these evil forces is not that easy because they operate in the dark by being both nameless and faceless while they perpetrate torture in the various detention centers and military camps that are located in their garrison cities all over Oromia. However, naming and shaming some of them who are known could help to trace the rest for posterity measures and accountability purposes.

Here are some of the names I have known when I was in the infamous detention centers in Ma’ikelawwi: Taddesse Meseret was a member of the Marxist Leninist League of Tigray (MLLT) which changed its name to the Tigrean Peoples’ Liberation Front (TPLF) for tactical reasons after observing the collapse of communism. He was the head of Mai’kelawwi detention center and torture facility in the mid 1990s. This regime still uses communist control mechanisms, command economy and a centrally and tightly controlled government structures that are dominated by the Tigrean military elites. The late tyrant, Meles Zenawi, was a highly skilled manipulator who has mastered the jargons of liberal democracy and his sweet words could easily deceive his own enablers until recently.

Most of the death and torture squads are said to have been raised as child soldiers when they were fighting against the Dergue military regime based on their hate ideology towards mainly the Amhara and the Oromo ethnic groups whom they have perceived as an existential threat. One of those children who were raised based on hatred and the faithless communist ideologies was a guy called Berhane. He is a dark skinned, an extremely arrogant TPLF torture and death squad who has become a beast in man’s face. He has lost a natural smile on his face as a result of the internal pain and trauma that haunts him day and night for inflicting pain and suffering on other human beings. Many people were saying, Berhane was one of those TPLF death squads who were ordered to shoot live bullets and kill those peacefully protesting Addis Ababa University students who were opposing their domination and oppression ever since this minority regime came to power through violence in 1991.

Gebru, Dan’el, Moni, a one-eyed blind guy who was very arrogant and brutal, and too many of them who operate in the dark and who do the dirty works of extra-judicial killings and who perpetrate torture were deliberately and purposely hiding and withholding their names and identities from the political prisoners and prisoners of conscience so as to evade responsibility and accountability. These notorious brute forces have learned a great deal from the Dergue military regime’s officials who have unknowingly documented every detail of the crimes they have been perpetrating against humanity during the Red Terror.

During this digital age, however, it is possible to capture their photographs and post them on the social media to deter them and many others so that they refrain from their evil acts of perpetrating a crime against humanity.