Dear PM Abiy Ahmed!

Dear PM Abiy Ahmed

I write to you in regards to the negative comments you made in reference to the educated elites at Prosperity Party fund raising event on March 14, 2020 at Millennium Hall.

Rich people who were most likely forced to donate money to your Party have their companies run by economists and MBA graduates.

People you referenced to as an example, such as Bill Gates, “college dropout,” and companies like Apple also rely on the best educated and talented individuals, who graduated from the finest universities to innovate, develop strategy and run the company.

The speech in which you bashed in condescending tones about economists who can’t afford to buy a car or political scientist who can’t run local government, is uncalled for and shouldn’t have come from someone in the position of your authority or leadership. It’s humiliating to the majority of Ethiopians to witness low leadership moment like this one from their leader. Isn’t a leader supposed to empower, motivate and appreciate citizens contributions to their nation regardless of anything?

Your statement is shocking to the educated elites of Ethiopia, who try their best to make a difference in Ethiopia under repressive regimes, which produced incompetent political spies and loyalists cadres who hold very similar values and views like you against educated people.

The reality is that Africa as a whole remains poor not because of an economists failure to formulate economic development policies or political scientists incompetence to formulate national policies, but it is primarily due to African leaders including you who persecute and undermine the invaluable human capital by facilitating brain drain of so many brilliant people to emigrate to developed nations.

To hear irresponsible statement from PM who holds PhD against the educated follow citizens is a testament to the fact that Ethiopia is a nation gripped by the will of political party loyalists and cadres who are anti educated elites and their contributions to the national dialogue.

Your statements are anti- Medemer philosophy you hold dear to your heart. The very idea of bashing educated elites is very contrary to ensuring “Prosperity,” that Ethiopians would be showered with in the next 10 years.

I hope you would come out and apologize to the Ethiopian people and the educated elites who love Ethiopia no less than you or Prosperity Party members.


Girma Tesema Tola

“Bakka irraa kufnetti deebi’uuf ofta’uu qabna.” Dagalee Abdiisaa

Lammii Beenyaa ammaaf hin hidhamne. Yeroo waraanni ABiy mana jireenyaa weerare, Lammiin mana hin turre. Lammiin karaa Facebook isaa dhaamsa dabarseen “Nama qabsoof ofkenne, hidhaan hin doorsisan,” jedheera.

Guutummaan dhaamsa Lammii Beenyaa kunoo ti:

“Akkamittiin mootummaan biyyan bulcha jedhu akka hattuu halkaniin namatti seena? Akkamittin humna guddaa ittiin dhaadatu sanaan mooraa namaa weerara? Eda kanatu nurratti raawwate. Gochi akkanaa sagalee tokkoon balaaleffatamuu qaba.
Ani nagaan qaba. Yeroo manni sakatta’amu fi mucaan tokko mooraa keenya keessaa qabamu achi hin turre.
Dhaamsi kiyya: nuti qabsoo keessa kan jiraannu wareegama inni gaafatu kabajaan kaffaluuf of qopheessineeti. Lubbuu keenyas taatu kabajaan bilisummaa, haqaa fi diimokiraasii ummanni keenya gonfachuuf qabsaa’eef ni kennina. Nama lubbuu kennuuf murteeffate hidhaan hin dursiisan.”