Abbaa Duulaa Gamadaa steps up by stepping down

Abbaa Duulaa Gamadaa steps up by stepping down

By Rundassa Eshete

This is the moment every Oromian have been waiting for, albeit late. Abbaa Duulaa Gamadaa resigned from the EPRDF central committee and from the Ethiopian parliament as a speaker of the house this time when Lammaaa Magarsaa’s OPDO is crossing the line of fear, their hearts flashing with bravery, the Oromo youth beaming with anger and new hope, the Oromo mothers and fathers applauding what has been taking place since 2014.

This time around, for Abbaa Duulaa Gamadaa, accepting the TPLF demand that he should declare that Lammaa Magarsaa is at fault when he quarreled with Abdi Ilee was not an acceptable proposition. That’s why he told the TPLF that the federal government is at fault rather than the OPDO. When abba Duulaa told Hailemariam Dasaleny that he is going to resign from his position as speaker of the house, Hailamariam cried saying that he can’t do this to them as this critical time.
The entire episode began when the TPLF started war against the Oromo people in eastern and southern Oromia. What the TPLF wanted for abba Duulaa to say was that it is Lammaa Magarsaa who was at fault. But knowing that the new OPDO leadership had done something different when they started this bold confrontation against the TPLF, abba Duulaa chose to stand with the OPDO and dumped the federal government.

“Where should I stand?” Abbaa Dual must have been asking himself since Lamma Magarsa rose to presidential position and must have been waiting with uncertainty. At last, he ruled out that he must step down from his EPRDF position as a speaker. When the Tigreans urged him to openly condemn OPDO’s current attitude, he probably felt that the TPLF had stepped outside of it’s political lane. Now, by stepping down from the federal government position and by returning back to the OPDO, abba Duulaa is putting a pressure on the TPLF when it is suffering from internal division. By standing on the OPDO side, Abba Duulaa is crossing another political finish line. As of now, he had returned the house that the federal government provided to him and moved into the OPDO housing.

At this moment in time, western Cameron, Catalonia and Kurdistan have declared their independence, although the Iraqi government has opposed the independence of Kurdistan followed by the Cameroonian and the Spanish governments. That is why stake can be very high for the rulers of empire Ethiopia, especially when someone like abbaa Duulaa Gamadaa playing politics at higher level wether such an attempt would get him killed or brings him more attention from the Oromo people who loudly declared that they want to govern themselves.

Abba Duulaa must know that the Oromo people are not going to give the OPDO the gold medal for what they have done in the past. Hence, the next step the OPDO need to take is to declare independence from the EPRDF so that the TPLF stands necked alone. Rumors have it that the OPDO is already demanding that Warqina Gabayyoo must resign from his position as minister of foreign affairs. His resignation for sure will give Magarsa’s OPDO a new political energy which it’s domino effect will galvanize the Oromo liberation movement. For sure Abbaa Duulaa didn’t chose to forfeit his position in the so called federal government without having an idea in mind, wether or not he succeeds in another race of climbing the political ladder is something time will tell. What is true is that the TPLF is at a very difficult cross road and they would not know how to describe Abba Duulaa’s refusal to stay as speaker of the federal government of the dying empire.

Regarding TPLF’s future, they have already officially started war against the Oromo people in east, south and west Oromia and losing Abbaa Duulaa at this time would give them chills. This can be an incredible surprise unless his resignation was something that had been discussed among them prior. I mean, could his return to the OPDO a set up?

Even if that is the case, abbaa Duulaa knows what it means to lose trust with the Oromo people, hence he better remain trustworthy to the current OPDO ideals even if he thinks that the OPDO has violated the TPLF old norms. In general though, the Oromo people have taught the citizens of the dying empire a huge lesson that it is important to stand on the side of the truth and fight hard until victory comes.
May be, Abbaa Duulaa’s stepping down from the EPRDF central committee can be another way of stepping up.

Rundaasaa Asheetee ti

ABBAA DUULAA GAMMADAA: What’s the significance of Abadula Gamada’s resignation.

Abadula Gamada, the speaker of the fake House of Representatives of Ethiopia is said to be resigning from his position. Abadula Gamada was one of the veteran OPDO officials that served as Oromia president, ministry of defense, and gradually reduced to the speaker of the house for the last 5 years. He sometimes acts as a bridge between OPDO and TPLF Wayyanes. He used to be the most trusted close friend and comrade of the late prime-minister Meles Zenawi. The relationship between TPLF and Abadula led OPDO however was gradually getting deteriorated since TPLF announced large scale of Oromo land grab under pretext of expanding the City of Addis Ababa that infamously called Addis Ababa Master Plan.

The-rocky relationship hit it’s lowest as opposition to the Master Plan was taking shape, getting stronger, and became more louder. It is this reaction and the TPLF blatant move that finally triggered massive revolution across Oromia since late 2015. The vicious TPLF thugs responded to the legitimate Oromo questions by attempting to quash it by using force. As result hundreds of Oromo were savagely killed, thousands were tortured, and 10th of thousands including prominent OFC leaders were sent into notorious TPLF prisons, while some were sent into exile.

TPLF declared unlawful State of Emergency to contain and control the ever growing popular sentiment. The relation between TPLF and OPDO got the worst turn when OPDO overthrew the most loyal TPLF appointee servants by replacing them with nationalist elements led by Lemma Magarsaa. Unhappy TPLF decided to create challenging game against OPDO and the Oromo activists at large. Accordingly, TPLF decided to wage a proxy vengeful war by using the Abdi Ile paramilitary to stage targets against innocent Oromo people living at the boarder areas.

TPLF military is training, arming, providing logistic support, advice, and supervision to the Ogaden paramilitary groups to stage attacks against Oromo boarder towns, and villages. As result of such coordinated attack against the Oromo people, many lives lost, properties are destroyed, and close to half a million of Oromo people are displaced from their villages and towns. Oromo wealth have been robbed or confiscated. Some unlucky ones were murdered while trying to escape the ethnic cleansing campaign that is being implemented by agent Abdi Ille under the TPLF guidance.

Due to such actions taken by TPLF regime, the OPDO led by Lemma Magarsaa is pushed further into Oromo sentimental opposition. TPLF also took harsh response to take revenge against OPDO nationalists and Oromo activists. The sophisticated TPLF onslaught against Oromo civilians on the boarder between Oromia and Ogaden underscores the viciousness of TPLF regime.

Abadula Gamada became an eye witness of atrocious TPLF/ Ogaden Liyyu police attacks. In the town-hall meeting he held in several places including the city of Ginir Bale, Abadula Gamada listened and heard about the stories of people that are under constant TPLF/ Abdi Ille terrorist attacks. The Oromo Public anger have reached the boiling point as Abadula also anguished by the level and frequency of attacks targeted against innocent Oromo people. The Public is also outraged by incompetent OPDO officials who became a lame duck and unable to guarantee protection and failed to provide safe and security for the people they pretend to represent. No doubt that this type of Oromo Public sentiment provided real challenge and opportunity for the OPDO officials.

As TPLF relentless attacks against Oromo people become routine, it also generated unity among OPDO leadership,  Oromia police forces, and the Oromo public to fight against their common enemy in union. Internal sources revealed that undisclosed argument and fierce debate flared up between Abadula and the TPLF that finally led to the resignation of Abadula Gamada.

This shows that the fake EPDRP/ TPLF coalitions are broken and falling apart. This highly unusual high profile resignation and another defection of high profile officials that was announced a week ago are the testimony that EPRDF is getting fragmented. Such scenario could actually further isolate TPLF and can expose the junta for internal dynamics including military coup d’etate, even though the likelihood of this scenario is slim considering how the Tigre born generals have dominated the higher military positions. But as the time goes, the TPLF power and influence is getting diminished. The end result would be the downfall of  the TPLF. The TPLF departure may not be easy one. They will agitate and incite major conflicts between nations and nationalities and may cause more havoc and destruction. It is still up to us, the Oromo to do what ever it takes to remove this fascist regime out of the planet. For sure Abadula’s resignation is a big blow to the TPLF iron fist hegemonic rule.