Consequential that the OLF has officially announced withdrawal from the ETH elections.

Consequential that the OLF has officially announced withdrawal from the ETH elections.

It was in efforts to join the election race that OLF publicly detached from it’s arned faction. Will that now change? Withdrawing from the election doesn’t necessarily mean that OLF will disengage from rallying public support to build government in Oromia – organisation of the Oromia national transitional government (ONTG) is one indication of this. Chances OFC might take a similar step and withdraw. ONTG being a joint venture between the two parties and completely legitimate to pursue outside of the boundaries of ETH electrol commission given it engages resistance politics, could mean that we are seeing stronger foundations to achieve self-rule in Oromia be formed.

Soretti Kadir

Baayee nama gadisisaa wanti tahaa jiru.
Mul’aatu Gammachuu

Raabbiirraa Abdiin Qaba

የኢትዮጵያ መንግሥት ሚዲያ፣ የኢትዮጵያ ሕገ-መንግሥት የማይጠቅም መሆኑን የውጭ አገር መሪን ጠቅሶ “ሲያበስረን”ሰማን! አየን!!
ከሞቱ አይቀር እንዲህ ነው!

Ethiopia and regional politics as it related to Oromo and Tigray struggles.With prof.Alex de …

Why does Oromia need the OLF?
The OLF is the first formally organised political organisation dedicated to liberating Oromia and advancing the interests of Oromia for nearly half century.
The OLF has been provided and continues to provide a strong voice on Oromo issues at various local, regional and global stages. Working together as a strong and united team means members of OLF have developed a reputation for punching above their weight and are sometimes criticised for delivering more for the people they represent than the party’s critics would prefer.
The increasing political, economic, social and environmental relevance of Oromia has only strengthened our belief that the future of Oromia is critical to the future of the nation:
• Many of the potential solutions to Ethiopia’s food security are Oromia based.
• Oromia plays a constructive role in the pursuit and maintenance of regional peace in alliance with other free nations.
• The OLF is a strong nationalist organisation made up of passionate members and supporters who are committed to building a modern Oromia for all of us.
• OLF members are involved in local and national campaigns, running events in their communities, formulating OLF policy, and deciding who will represent us in Federal and local Parliament.
• The growth of future tourism of the country is based on the future potential of Oromia.
• Communications and technology advancements that are making it easier for people to do so and making it easier for businesses to relocate to Oromia.
• There is growing global demand for food and biofuels.
All these factors mean that Oromia will provide a greater contribution to the nation’s GDP and that its population will continue to grow, contributing to the emergence of a “new economy”. In a resource-hungry world, Oromia will also play an increasingly critical role in our national security.