Conflict Management Strategies:‘’Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means’’

Conflict Management Strategies: ‘’Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means’’

For good ideas and true innovation you need human interaction, argument,conflict and debate. Follow this very short article but very important based on ‘conflict management strategies.
🔯Where do you stand?
Are you a Lion, Turtle, Zebra, Chameleo Or Dolphin ? We will find out:
1. I Avoid dealing with my enemy( Turtle) , If You:
1. Avoid dealing with your problem head on
2. Prefer to withdraw
3. Don’t care about the other person
2. I have to win always.(Lion), If you:
1. Are competitive
2. Are a fighter
3. Want to win always
4. Want the others to lose always
3. I’m fine winning sometimes and also losing sometimes.(Zebra), If you:
1. Prefer to compromise
2. Want to negotiate
3. Say it’s ok to win or lose some times
4. Say it’s ok for the others to win lose some other times.
4. It’s really ok for me to lose. (Chameleon),If you:
1. Prefer to accommodate the others
2. Self-sacrifice
3. Say it’s ok for the others to win
4. Say it’s ok for you to lose.
5 I prefer that we both win.(Dolphin), If you:
1. Prefer to collabotate
2. Like mutual problem solving
3. Win and the others win too
Critical Reflection
🔯1. To what extent can conflict be resolved by:
a) Avoidance?
b) Competition?
c) Compromise?
d) Accommodation?
e) Collaboration?
🔯2. Which strategies best resolve conflict?
3. Which strategies are worst in resolving conflict ?
4. Which strategies are most realistic?
5. Explain : “Negotiation is death by dialogue.’’
6. What about justice?
🔯Know yourself:
1. Be aware of your strengths and limitations in conflict resolution .
2. Open your mind :Be willing to learn and change.
The combination of components (Synthesis)
Conflict management Strategies
1. Avoidance Lose -lose
2. Competition Win- lose
3. Compromise Win/Lose-win /lose
4. Accommodation Lose- Win
5. Collaboration Win-Win 
The goal of resolving conflict in a relationship is not victory or
defeat. It is reaching understanding and letting go of our need to be
By Ibsa N.wegassa