Complaint and Critics submitted by OLF, on the election executives and observers.

[English February 8-2021]
Complaint and Critics submitted by OLF
Oromo Liberation Front has submitted its complaint and critics on the election executives and observers.
It is obvious that the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia has set time table and becoming ready for the 6th round election. Accordingly, it has arranged election executives and observers; and it has assigned them in various ways. As a result, OLF has identified its complaint and critics; and submitted to NEBE. OLF has with adequate reason justified its complaint and critics that it doesn’t trust the election executives and observers being neutral.
As per the evidence brought by the Oromo Liberation Front, it has identified that the allotment is not equivalent for each region. For example: NEBE has prepared 552 election executives for Amhara region, and 325 for Oromia region. When we put this by percent, the allotment made by NEBE is: 38% for Amhara, 22% for Oromia. As well 3% for Afar, 4.03% for Somale region, 11.3% for South Nations Region, 2.29% for Harari, 0.97% for Benishangul Gumuz, 0.67% for Gambela region, 2.22% for Dire Dawa and 3% for Sidama.
Through its complaint on the allotment, although the fact is stated that Oromia stands first by land size and number of population; OLF has presented its complaint that NEBE is striving to ensure supermacy of a single Nation and Language. And this shows that the Electoral Board has not been abiding with its duties and keeping its promise. Not only this, for that NEBE has been joking with the the essential election of the people; If the very same electoral board fails to capably carry out its duties; it should transfer to a legal entity, with a potential to lawfully accomplish those duties.
Besides, Oromia Liberation Front has immensely complained on the fact that there are no election executives and observers assigned for Kellem Wollega and West Guji Zones of Oromia. Having this on hand, indicating the uneven assignment in different Oromia zones: For example: 53 election executives are assigned for Jimma Zone; and there was no assignment made for Kellem Wellega and West Guji Zones. As per the evidence submitted: the assignment shows: 1 person for Borena Zone, 1 for Bunno Bedele, 2 for East Wellega, 7 for West Wellega, 7 for Horro Gufuru Wellega Zones. Following this, OLF complains whether NEBE is “Reliabile, Fair, Working with Justice, Neutral and Abiding its Obligations”.
Consequently, Oromo Liberation Front has disclosed from its reliable evidence that supermacy of monolingualism is observed. This means: Amharic speakers are 60.59%, while Afaan Oromoo speakers are only 20.7%. Thus, again OLF complains the same being unfair and stressed that it tends towards one language. On top of this, among the 325 election executives and observers assigned for Oromia; only 84 of them speak Afaan Oromoo as their mother tongue.
However, Amharic is their mother tongue for 213 election executives and observers. And only 6 persons with Tigrigna mother tongue language are assigned in Oromia as election executives. Above all, among the assigned election executives, 6 persons even do not hear Afaan Oromoo.
OLF therefore pointed out those facts and submitted its complaint to NEBE, supporting with reliable and adequate evidence. Surprisingly, most of the election executives and observers (about 40 of them are clearly identified) assigned for Oromia Region are government authorities leading various sectors. As a result, OLF has lodged complaint and pinpointed that there shall be partiality in favor of the ruling Party.
Explaining by example: Accountant of Oromia Development Association is assigned to serve as an election observer or executive in Ilu Aba Bora Zone. Following the fact that Oromia Development Association is part of the ruling party; we hereby notify that it will not be neutral and help the election to be executed fairly. Not only this, unknown individuals – with unidentified positions are also included in the assignment.
Finally, since the recruitment conditions made by NEBE for election executives and observers are not clear; we hereby ask the electoral board to give clarification on the same issuestl. The board has also stated that it has selected the observers from Addis Ababa Women Association. But, since this Association had been serving in the government office previously, OLF has informed NEBE that the association will not be a neutral party.
On the other hand, notifying Ethiopian Enterpreneurship Commission is one of them, the Commission, putting its duty aside, registering job seekers and transferring to the government; and letting those job seekers join the ruling party as a member. In this assignment, from Oromia Zones, the electoral board has identified and presented some cities as a special one.
Therefore, OLF has explained that it is not clear as to why those cities are identified as special one. Therefore, OLF has advised The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia to be a neutral entity, accomplish its duties to the required standard and understand its role being influential and determinant in the politics of this country.