The Tigrayan Command Post: Terrorism and Genocide in Oromia/Ethiopia

The Tigrayan Command Post: Terrorism and Genocide in Oromia/Ethiopia
Asafa Jalata 

Dhábasá Wakjira Gemelal 

The Tigrayan Command Post: Terrorism and Genocide in Oromia/Ethiopia
In the 21st century, Tigrayan bloodsuckers are committed to terrorize and commit genocide on politically conscious Oromos, who are struggling for self-determination and an egalitarian multinational democracy. In a quarter of a century, the qeerroo/qarree-led peaceful movement has demonstrated that the Tigrayan authoritarian terrorist regime cannot continue to transfer the resources of the Oromo to Tigrayan elites and their local and global collaborators, and cannot continue to rule the empire as it used to do. This regime has declared the so-called state of emergence and created the command post that does not even include an Oromo collaborator. It is determined to terrorize and massacre Oromos who are in the Somali-Ethiopian region and who are bordering the Somali region with the help of the Liyu police, which was trained and armed by the regime and financed by the funds from the West. After almost completing this genocidal project, the regime has turned its face to terrorize and kill politically conscious Oromos all over Oromia. Therefore, the regime has declared an open one-sided war on the Oromo nation. Within a few weeks, hundreds of young Oromo boys have been killed and their corpses have been thrown near or in cities and villages. Thousands of Oromos have been captured and sent to unknown concentration camps where they can be tortured or killed without any trace. Since it came to power, the Tigrayan-led regime has killed millions of Oromos and tortured and castrated several hundreds of them. There are hundreds of thousands of Oromos who are suffering in prisons and concentration camps for more than two decades.
The people who are demanding that the Oromo should declare their Ethiopianness, particularly those in Finfinnee, have ignored the terrorism and genocidal massacres that are visiting on the Oromo. People from the South, except, the Gurages, are salient; some Amharas in the Amhara regions have showed some sympathy. Most of the children of colonial settlers in Oromia do not show any sympathy. Almost all Tigrayans are behind the fascist policy of the regime. For how long this tottering empire survive on the blood of the Oromo? For how long Oromo political organizations including which are parts of the regime ignore the terrorism and genocide that are committed on the Oromo by claiming that these complex political problems can be gradually resolved? For how long the Oromo are going to be killed in their homes, cities and villages? For how long Oromo scholars and religious leaders in Oromia and the diaspora going to be quiet and continue the old ways? The current extraordinary condition of the Oromo people requires a paradigm shift in the Oromo national movement to save the Oromo people and their country, Oromia, from total annihilation.

VOA AFAAN OROMO,,mar,,27,,2018

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  1. Guilty are not Tigray mercenaries alone. Guilty are those who deafen Oromo ears with calls of “peaceful struggle” against a killer animals. If Oromo civilians were encouraged to kill their potential killers whereever and whenever they could find them before losing their lives and their children, things would be different. I can not understand how long Oromos keep crying and building homes for millions of displaced people without a single resistance. Oromo must organize their own self defense cells in Finfinne and speak to the enemy in its own language. The only way Kiray Sebsabi Samora Yanus and his friends think twice before ordering murder of Oromo children is to deny them and their children the chance to see sunlight in Oromia.

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