Col #Abiy can you hear me?!

Col #Abiy can you hear me?!

While you’re fiddling and flexing your muscles, the People are bemoaning and the nation is hovering between civil war and disintegration. Your leadership is namby-pamby and Throttle-bottom. The Political doctrine you are applying is pavlovian and tabula rasa.
The veneer reform needs to be replaced root and branch one in order to fix the egregious challenges in the country. The rabble-rouser demos we witnessed some regions in the country led by gullible people for the last days were balderdash rhetoric. Eritrea’s hornet’s nest in the Tigray region makes #Afwerki your chicken-hawk.
I put forward these points:
1- Don’t remain intransigent, because it makes you inchoate and novice politician.
2- Unleash the Opposition-Politicians that your system incarcerated without proper jurisdictions.
3- Offer further concessions to the Nation’s interest and for posterity’s sake.
4- Give-up the central mentality under the auspices of Amhara chauvinist, and belief scientifically the Federalism which convenes more 80 diverse communities.
5- Stop delay, derail and deceive policy of procrastinating the Election date
6- Respond the International Call, and stop the on-going war in some parts of the country which may metastasize the whole country.
You don’t have the mandate to murder and the license to kill the innocent people!
If not, deja Vu!
– Anwar Abdifatah

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