Clear points on regions, cities, towns

Clear points on regions, cities, towns

ANF, Oct. 26, 2019

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I never knew in this world when a leader keep quiet about the assassination of a prominent activist who always stand for people and a high profile political analyst. I never knew in this world when a prime minister of a country keep quite when more than 67 people died and more than 500 injured.

I never know a dogmatic person who use forces and expand occupation of Oromia land. I never knew a Prime Minister who breach constitutional rights. I never knew a prime minister who ignore advice of political analyst.

He don’t care whether people died because killing of people is not new for him. That has been his daily life. He was also spying on people.

I never knew who install women’s breast cutter in the palace, and then again deprive autonomous and freedom of a region. That was the legacy of breast cutter, Minilik II.

In the military, the chain of command is to give and receive order. His mind is trained for this environment. As a result, he receive command from his top leaders and want to pass order to lower level. He split ODP.

He flash his teeth and now Oromia and other regions are under sell. Oromia is under command post now. He believes only administering people through gun. He refused to answer people’s questions.

In the meeting last time, he said be manageable or loyal “ajaajjama” when he signed unity of Oromia political parties before the Irreecha day. He ignore everythings. He said don’t ask what was raised 20 or 30 years ago. That is contrary to the interest and constitutional rights of Oromo and Oromia.

He is now takeover all Oromia by military force. People are already listen to declaration of Oromo elders, political parties and so on.

They now falsely claim that peace is kept by military bla bla. Believe me that he is the most troublesome for Oromo and Oromia ever you have seen. I am writing based on several confidential information.

This person should resign peacefully by himself for the best interest of all Oromo. ODP need to be strongly reject this person and stand firmly with Oromo and Oromia parties.

I never expected this before. The worst ever to colonize Oromia through his abstract “medemer”, capitalism investment, and military occupation. Believe me that I have undisclosed information as this person has been in the counter interest of Oromo.

Clear points on regions, cities, towns


There is nothing called “aqafi” which means welcomes. There is also noting called “yegaratarik” which is common history. Also there are fabricated words “yehwuhunew” which means fool or compassionate. Every person across the world has different personality.

Even it doesn’t matter whether welcomes or have common history. Only a foolish person thinks that they fool others. What matter is clear about the geographic boundary among regions?

Each region has to manage their specific region. Also there is no Iceland of cities and/or towns. But each cities and/or towns are managed and owned by that specific region.

Likewise, there is no exception about Finfinnee and Dire Dawa. They are owned and should be managed by Oromia. These have several advantages for all people:

  1. it avoid conflict of interest to manage them;
  2. the region responsibly provides services to the residents;
  3. there will no fighting over it;
  4. both negative and positive externalities will be internalized and maximized;
  5. there will be unlikely of the tragedy of the common.

Whether we have common history, welcomes, compassionate arguments will not solve the anatomy of the region. Those terms can be good or bad, or neutral. What matter is that each region manages its specific region! Then income distribution would normalize across regions for any other disparities like developed nations. That is all.

I am always surprised when people say this is mine just like kids are arguing on candies.

ANF, Oct. 26, 2019