Chinese projects in Ethiopia worth over $4bln – Official

Chinese projects in Ethiopia worth over $4bln – Official

(journalducameroun)—-About 400 Chinese investment projects valued at more than $4 billion are in full operation in Ethiopia, a senior official said on Friday.Foreign Ministry spokesman, Meles Alem said of the 400 investment projects over 100 were established in joint venture with Ethiopian partners.

The projects operate in major development sectors mainly in infrastructure creating over one hundred thousand job opportunities in the horn Africa nation.

The spokesperson’s remark come a day after Ethiopian Prime Minister Aby Ahmed said that “the sky is the limit” in the relations between his country.

He was speaking in a farewell ceremony of 1000 Ethiopian students who secured scholarships to study in China.

“The countries have been enjoying sustained progress in infrastructure, finance and trade cooperation” the spokesperson said as opposed to rumors suggesting relations between Addis Ababa and Beijing have weaken since the new prime minister came to power in April this year.

China granted scholarships for over 2000 MA and PhD programs excluding other trainings in the past fiscal year, the spokesperson revealed.

More than 50 Chinese companies are expected to partake in a Chinese business week conference to create partnerships with Ethiopian companies.

China will host the FOCAC Summit 2018 in Beijing next week and African leaders are arriving in Beijing to participate in the summit.

“The cooperation and collaboration in United Nations, South-South Cooperation and Forum on China-Africa Cooperation between Ethiopia and China emerges strong, their consistent and predictable relations in various sectors indicated fruitful success in the South-South Cooperation concept” he said.

Ethiopian high level officials exchanged ten official visits with their Chinese counterparts and held talks with Chinese government officials last year to strengthen their comprehensive strategic partnership, it was learned.